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Blackberry defaulting to POP3 mail rather than IMAP when account info put in

Hi All,

A new client of mine runs their email through a fairly standard POP3/IMAP mailbox provider which is tied in to a CRM system which I believe keeps a copy of incoming and outgoing emails sent to logged clients. Both the email and the CRM are provider by provider 1.  The domain however I believe is provider by provider 2.

My client has an issue with email setup on their Blackberry and has asked me to step in.

All the computers in the company are using Outlook and connect to emails using IMAP and everything is fine.  Employees using Android smartphones have no problem setting up IMAP access to emails as the phone gives them the option to specify IMAP or POP3.  However, when you try and set up the email account on a Blackberry my client enters email address, and password, then all the appropriate incoming and outgoing server details and at no point does it ask whether you want IMAP or POP3 and just sets up the account as POP3 which is no good to my client as he needs any sent emails to appear on his work laptop as well.  

Apparently they have already been on to provider1 (the email and crm provider) and they say it's not a problem with them and it has to be a problem with provider2 (domain provider), and of course Provider2 says it's nothing to do with them and it's down to Provider1.  

Now I'm an Exchange man and was wondering if there is some sort of autodiscover type system at play somewhere which is messing things up, or is it just that the average Blackberry doesn't even support IMAP connections at all and we're chasing our tails.  I can report that the other 2 people in the company who have Blackberries have the same issue.

Any thoughts on this gratefully received as I'm going to have to be the piggy in the middle now.


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8/22/2022 - Mon
Brian B

You didn't mention what Blackberry OS, but I can tell you in BBOS 7, when you set up a mailbox it doesn't ask for a protocol. So it autodetects, meaning if the provider is serving up both protocols on the same server that you might be picking up POP first. You might want to check that fact with the provider.

Thanks, all I can say is the Blackberry's are about 1 year old so I would imagine are running a pretty up to date o/s.  When you say check with the provder I'm assuming you meant the email /CRM provider rather than the domain provider?  Now becuase my client has already brought this up with both providers and they both denied any knowledge is there a technical term I can give for the part of the system that needs to be looked at which may help them identify where the problem may lie?



Here are a few things to consider:

1. Do not buy or install a Blackberry Server.
2. RIM is outdated technology and we could be seen the end of a TITAN.
3. No matter how old is the device some carriers will modify the phone OS to their needs:
   I have seen phones (BB) without the option to create an email account just because they did not have a data plan on their devices.
4. If the phone is really up to the last update you should be able to configure your server the way you need.
5. Won't be better just to change them to something newer and better.

Now, if all your users (Androids and BB) are connecting using POP/IMAP you should also thing about ActiveSync (Push).

If the phone has all the updates, (Latest is 7.1) read this and try on the phone.

Good Luck
This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.
Brian B

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Ah that's a very good point, I'll bring it up with the email provider. Thanks for your advice