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HELP!!! Web Server IIS 6.0 on Windows 2003 R2

I am need of serious help!!!

I am not new to this I have worked with IIS 6.0 and IIS 7.0 many times. But I am completely stumped on this issue.

I believe has to be DNS?

I have 2 servers both Windows 2003 R2 behind ISA 2006 (which I have used many times) firewall.

I use Zone Edit for my external DNS hosting.  The records have been online for months so there updated.  

Firewall seems to be setup correctly?  

I tried taking one of the servers and hooking directly to the Comcast router and assigned it the appropriate IP address that is setup in  Still get under construction.

Was trying to run out the firewall...  Server 1 has been reloaded and is setup from scratch with DNS, IIS etc... I setup the DNS "A" records, made sure the DNS forwarders were point at comcast DNS and also the firewall...  Setup a temp page for the web site which I have done many times..

If one server was doing I would think was the server but BOTH servers will not render and web page just says under construction...

The site on Server 1 is and on Server 2 its

If both servers our doing it... It has to be a DNS issue which seems to be setup correctly???

I by passed the firewall and it still wouldn't render a web page... When I changed the IP and hooked to comcast router on server 1 - Server 2 came up....

The web pages wont even come up on the server itself on both...

Like I said I am not new to this but I have tried everything I can think of... I please need help...
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Are you sure the web site files are in place?  
--Yes the path is correct and the document page is named correctly

Are you sure the web service (IUSR_whatever) has permissions to them?
--Yes and the service is running...

Can you browse to a page other than the index page?  Maybe the index page(s) is/are missing.
--no can not access any pages..

Is it possible another server or service is using the IP address you're trying to access?
--No that IP has always been assigned only to that server..

But its both servers.. The odds that both r not working... when I changed one of the server with external IP's I could access the 2nd server web page...

Its got to be something else????  What I hope to find out...
Whats weird is exchange is on the server and the web based OWA works with Ip address... XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/exchange
I can get the placeholder page to come up at  I get nothing at

Are you sure both sites point to the folders that contain their pages?  Have these sites ever worked under IIS7?  I'm guessing was set up first, which is why it shows the default placeholder. was probably set up later.
Both domains are on different servers but running Windows 2003 R2... Yes for sure the path on the site in IIS is correct and default page is right in document tab of that site...  the IP is actually  I dont this its the firewall since I connected the server directly to comcast router with IP of course changed the IP on the NIC, changed the DNS of the site and changed the IP in IIS to the external one for the moment... still no go from but it should on the server itself???  Unless i dont have the correct localhost setup but I am using setting... IP wise  and DNS...

Firewall as the default gateway.
Using the Firewall as DNS as well as the 2 comcast dns IP.
I been going over the path....

1) Zoneedit - DNS host
2) Directed at the firewall with rule to to allow port 80 to server.
3) DNS records setup in DNS on the server.
4) Domain setup in IIS...  Make sure path, correct IP assigned which is just one and XXXX.htm default document... All files show up in IIS when you click on the site...

But again, Its funny that OWA web exchange works...  local IP Address/Exchange but no????

and I setup another domain just to see if there is an issue with --  I used on same server different default files still get the under construction page...

I have setup servers, IIS,times DNS etc many in the past and it worked I dont know what I am doing wrong but must be something??? shows me a default placeholder page, so an IIS7 server somewhere is serving up pages.  That means either doesn't point to the right server or the right server is configured to serve up the wrong page(s).  

The IP address would work when the domain name did not if there were a DNS issue.  Having said that, there are at least two different problems going on here and you need to tackle them one at a time.  I'd start with getting the web servers to serve up the web sites properly.  And I'd start by triple-checking that the NICs, web server, web site, web pages, etc, etc, are all configured properly.  Make sure firewalls, anti-virus, etc are not an issue either.
I do have another server running windows 2008 IIS7... I going to check everything again... I went ahead and hook the one server that has no data on it for hacking purposes to directly server of the Comcast router so it should be Zoneedit, Comcast to server...
When I took the server 2008 down and had the server hooked directly to the router... It severed up the pages...  Also I had did the direct the router thing earlier with no go still but after the 2008 server was taken down then it came so I went back and it back up by hide the firewall but all correct internal IP back and restart IIS etc just in case and now back where I started.. This network is not that complex... Issues I am having is nuts... No going back over everything with a fine tooth comb....
nothings working???
no???  seriously... im not super expert but know how DNS, IIS works but not expressing myself just figuring out the issue...  Worked for moment till I changed back behind the FW... even though done before we talk last...  Host headers fine - simply direction is perfect
If it works when you take the firewall out of the picture, then fails again when the firewall is put back in place, it seems likely the problem is in the firewall.  Does the firewall also NAT?