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User level security with VB in Access 2007 - Code needs to open a different form depending on the user.

I have a database where I have created:

1) tblLogin:
     Type:  user, admin or manager
2) frmLogin  (2 command buttons)
       cmdLogin  (tied to code below)
       cmdClose(tied to a macro to exit database)

3) 3 Menus:

What I would like is to modify my code that depending on the type of user, a different frm will pop up.
Either frmMainMenuAdmin >>>>>tied to admin (type)
           frmMainMenuUser >>>>>tied to user (type)
           frmMainMenuManager >>>>>tied to manager (type)

I cannot seem to get this to work correctly.  Can someone please help?
Here is my code for the login:
Private Sub cmdLogin_Click()

Dim dbs As Database
Dim rstUserPwd As Recordset
Dim bFoundMatch As Boolean

Set dbs = CurrentDb

Set rstUserPwd = dbs.OpenRecordset("qryUserPwd")

bFoundMatch = False

If rstUserPwd.RecordCount > 0 Then
    ' Check for matching records
    Do While rstUserPwd.EOF = False
    If rstUserPwd![UserName] = Form_frmLogin.txtUserName.Value And rstUserPwd![Password] = Form_frmLogin.txtPassword.Value Then
        bFoundMatch = True
        Exit Do
    End If
End If

If bFoundMatch = True Then
' Open the next form here and close this one
DoCmd.Close acForm, Me.Name
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmMainMenuAdmin"
'Change this to the switchboard form name'

    MsgBox "Incorrect Username or Password"

End If

End Sub

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I get a compile error, type mismatch.
Don/t I need to reference the field name anywhere?  [type] ?

I edited the code to correct that omission - probably while you were looking at it.  Give it another try.
Thank you!