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AD, DNS & Exchange 2010

I'm trying to understand better the effects of the new SSL restrictions where internal, and .local are no longer allowed in an SSL certificate. I have a couple of clients who are currently using SSL for outlook anywhere and owa access. The current certificates use:

Everything works great for internal and external access to exchange services via outlook and mobile devices, iPhones, etc.

I have one of the clients who had to renew their SSL certificate and since we can no longer get the internal server name on the certificate outlook internally generates a certificate error every time they try to open something in outlook. (almost every time) with the internal name of the server saying it does not match the certificate.

I did a little research and digicert is saying that from now one the internal dns structure has to match the external dns naming conventions. So my AD domain needs to be a .com or .net. To accomplish this the AD domain name would need to be changed, which does not sound thrilling to me.

Does anyone have a solution or effective work around for this issue?

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Did your client purchased the same cert with same old domain names or anything changed?
Did you enabled the new Cert? for IIS,SMTP,POP,IMAP etc. If not enable it for these services.
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Check the links at the bottom of the Digicert page that describes the new cert requirements.  They've made a tool available to reconfiguring Exchange servers and have also provided the manual process in case you'd rather not use the tool.  Be sure to read the prerequisites if you choose to run the tool.
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I was thinking this was the case I just did not have the Exchange url pieces. That makes total sense. Going to give it a shot and thank you very much for your help!
I'll check that out as well Dave. It looks like Matt listed the manual process of doing the same thing listed on the digicert page?

Thanks guys!
I wasn't aware of the tool Dave has posted on the Digicert page. I certainly wouldn't recommend using that on anything more than the simplest of Exchange environments, but then, my instructions don't really cater for those environments either.  It would require more understanding of the specifics of the set up to give the proper advice as to the URLs to specify where and the underlying DNS changes to make to ensure uninterrupted service in all but the simplest of environments.

Still, the good news is there are ways around this, and you aren't required to do a complete AD domain rename or overhaul in the process!

 I could not get the first exchange command to work:

Get-ClientAccessServer | Set-ClientAccessServer -AutodiscoverServiceInternalUri

I did the split DNS and I ran the remaining exchange commands however and it seems to have resolved the problem.

Thanks for your help!