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EXCEL 2010 - Match two columns

I have two columns of data, both columns have some matching values. I need to match these up. So basically I a trying to have Excel use Column A as a reference, then match it against Column B. Column C should carry with column B but shouldn't be considered when sorting. I hear VLOOKUP goes this, but I looked that over and was seriously confused.

Can someone provide detailed instructions on how to proceed?

Thank you!
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Can you post a sample set of data in a worksheet?
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VLOOKUP can be used, but it is more often better to use INDEX and MATCH functions

It will be best to demostrate on a sample you provide as it would be relevant to your needs.
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Sure, I've attached an example.
Insert a column in between Column A and B
This will now become column B
On B2 enter

Drag it down. You will have your results.
Shanan212, That works, but I am wondering, is there any way I can keep the aligned so I can keep column D in line?
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Thanks, It seems to work well!