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Outlook 2010 unable to open links in received email after chrome was installed.

I have a 2008 R2 terminal server with Citrix Xenapp 6.5 and office 2010 32 bit installed.  This xenapp server is being used at a CPA business so they have tons of applications installed on the server but everything was functioning correctly until Google Chrome was installed.  Once chrome was installed and they clicked on a link in outlook to open an email chrome would launch but with nothing in the window.  I uninstalled chrome and now nothing happens at all once the link is clicked.  I reinstalled chrome and it will open the link again in the blank window.  I made IE the default browser and it asks to be set as the default every time I open IE, so for some reaseon it's not saving as the default browser.  I installed Firefox and set it as the default browser, tested (no go) and uninstalled it, tested (no go).  I followed the reg hack to change the "ChromeHTML" value to "htmlfile", which worked until I restarted the server.  I have checked the reg and it has the correct settings.  Anyone have any other ideas on this?
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Assuming what you really want is to use Chrome, we'll look at that first.

When you installed Chrome, did you install it as a remote desktop application (i.e. through add/remove programs).
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Sorry, should have clarified.  Would prefer to use IE and no, the customer installed Google Chat and it installed chrome with it, (I would guess).
This is a common issue and is pretty well documented on SLipStick with the troubleshooting steps and resolutions

You may also find the MS kb Article on the known issue useful
Okay then, I see I read the question wrong. I would agree with the information posted by Apache09 as the best approach.

You also might want to review your security to make sure users can't install their own programs.
Thanks Apache, I've already been through that same post.  Still not working for me.
We should isolate them problem to being within outlook or the OS in general. If you launch a shortcut to a webpage from the desktop, does that work? What about if you start a page from Start, Run and type in
Yes, the users can run links off the desktop, just not from outlook
Did you try the Microsoft Fix it Link?

If the Fix It Link didnt work, make sure that you are logged onto the PC as an Local Administrator

Then try it again
Yep, have tried that as well.

If you create a new outlook profile, or recreate a current users outlook profile do the links work?
Haven't tried that.  But will tonight.
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Never got an answer for this question so getting rid of the problem server.