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Home Network Connection Problem(s)

I have a small home wired/wireless network, two Windows 7 untimate 64 pcs.  Desktop (Dell XPS-8300) is used as file server for wireless laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad T520) plus a wireless HP Photosmart 7520 printer.

I have several folders/files on  the desktop shared over the network with the laptop, read/write privliges.  
the system has been working very well with the laptop able to reconnect to the desktop shared files at boot up.  

I am now getting re-connection errors and the laptop will not reconnect to the desktop's previously shared files. I can "ping" the printer and laptop from the desktop with replys, and the desktop and printer from the laptop with replys.

The laptop cannot re-connect to the desktop files/folders.  When I attempt to re-connect I get a Restoring Network Connections error, "An error occurred while reconnecting N: to \\folder name, The network path was not found".  This connection has not been restored, the specified network provider name is invalid.  
I am not aware of any changes to the system that occurred prior to the fille sharing problem .

The root cause now appears to be that the subject folders/ files on the desktop are no longer set up for sharing.  I don't seem to be able to share any files or folders on the desktop.  When I try I get error messages that, "Your folder can't be shared". I've deactivated the Norton Internet Security, haven't uninstalled it yet, and the problem persists.

Best I can tell, sharing is enabled.

 It's the age old story, it's work very well until now. I'd appreciate some guidance in resolving this issue.

Thank you.
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Make sure Network discovery is turned on all both computers

Make sure file and print sharing is on on both computers

Find this in advanced network settings

Sometimes they get turned off.

Turning off Norton will not help. They still have their hooks into the system.

Try in safe mode with networking see if you can setup the share.

Uninstall Norton

run msconfig

in services hide all microsoft services then disable all others

in startup disable all

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Thank you for your resonse.

1. I have verified that network discovery, printer and file sharing are all enabled on both systems.

2.  When booting in "Safe Mode" , the sharing option is not available, not visable.

3.  Using msconfig, hiding all MS functions and disableing all others, no effect.

The shaaring & Share With function are present and  can be selected but the "Apply"option remains grayed out and is not active.

This is the case after normal boot up as well.

Using network diagnostics, I get a message that machine administrator has disabled Teredo and that the IP Helper srvice is not locally running.

Any additional houghts?
Ok lets try this

Try rebooting the computer.  At startup tap the f8 .  Then At Advanced Startup select Safe Mode with command prompt.  Login to safemode and type sfc /scannow  and hit enter.  This will scan your computers system files for issues.  If it says it couldn't fix all problems reboot and perform the same steps above enter in safemode and run the sfc /scannow again. If it completes the 1st time or 2nd time or not reboot and check if the IP Helper Service is working.  

If it doesn't complete on the 1st or the 2nd time then you have something wrong within your computer and you may be looking at a backup and clean install to fix it.
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I ran the "sfc/scannow" in safe mode twice.  The first attempt took about 1/2 hour to complete with ending message that no problems were addressed.  The second asttempt took about 5 minutes again with no reported problems.

Running Windows Network Diagnostics, one problem was referenced:

1:  "The peer-to-peer service (p2psvc) has been disabled by the network administrator."

Running Home Group Diagnostics a second problem was referenced:

"Enable Internet Protocol version 6(IPv6)"

Shared Folders issues :

Error: "The remote device or resource, the desktop, won't accept the connection."

I've attached a .pdf file of messages from several of the test routines.  I hope they are useful.

Is there a way to repair Win 7 without having to completely reload the system?

Thanks for your help and patience.
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OOPS!  Here is the file.
Yes you can do a install then choose the repair option.
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I backed up my entire system last night.  (Preparing to do the Windows 7 repair). When I booted it up this mornming, it installed a huge number of updates, exceeding 52 by my count.  Most were security and net frame work updates.

I tested the file sharing between our desktop and laptop over the network, and it's working correctly now.

Go figure.

Thank you very much for your assistance and efforts.  Not sure how to code this issue on the exchange.

Best Wishes

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Thank yo for your assistance.