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UNC path promts for authication


I want to access a share on a server in a DMZ zone (not a domain member) from the internal LAN (domain) without beeing promtet for login.

But when i try to access the shared folder on the server in the DMZ zone, the internal lan machine promts for authentication.

I tried to add everyone and anonymous users to the share and to the ntfs permissions, not working.

Any suggestions?
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What operating system is the server running? Worth having a look through the Security log in Event Viewer - it gets very full so just filter for failure audits.
Does the connection work fine if you do specify a valid username and password?
Also, anonymous shares in the DMZ (or windows file sharing at all for that matter, better to get the DMZ machine to push the things you need access to out of the DMZ) doesn't sound like a terribly secure approach - I know that's not the question you asked, just be mindful of security at all times ;)
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2) Add user accounts locally to the server that match AD accounts exactly (same username and password).  This why when a domain user passes it's authentication token to the server the server will find that account in it's local users and allow access.

we have this set up on our web servers. it works on the 4 windows 2008 servers but not on the 4 windows 2008 R2 servers. Any idea why that would happen?

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