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Trying to add a combo and list box that pulls from seperate tables and updates a table

Table 1 - Employee Data
Table 2 - Skills Data
Table 3 - Resources

Objective is:
Step 1: Pull employee information from Table 1 by Employee ID #.  This Combo box will auto populate my form while updating Table 3 on the back end.  >> This works with simple code (see below)

Code that populates Table 3 for Step 1:
Private Sub cboLogin_Change()

Me.txtFirst.Value = Me.cboLogin.Column(1)
Me.txtLast.Value = Me.cboLogin.Column(2)
Me.txtFull_Name.Value = Me.cboLogin.Column(3)
Me.txtEmail.Value = Me.cboLogin.Column(4)

End Sub

Step 2:  Skills section pulls from Table 2, must be able to multi-select data (Access, SQL, VB) and update table 3 in the skills field.

I can create a combo box with multi-select capabilites, but this does not update Table 3.  The skills field is set to text.

What am I missing?
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)
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you can achieve this using multi valued field in Table3, but i would recommend to create another table "tblEmpSkills" with Employee ID , and Skills ID fields

so, your table relations between Resources and tblSkills will be 1 to many on the Employee ID field

Resources                            tblEmpSkills
EmployeeID   1 --- > M  EmployeeID
If you put a line break in on your first line of cboLogin_Change, are the proper values displayed when you mouse over Me.cboLogin.Column(1)?

As for Step 2, are you asking for a list of selectable skills to be populated from Table2, and assigned to the selected person from CBOLogin?  If this is so, are you able to get the populating to work, just not the save?
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@MrBullwinkle,  I can get the populating of the skills and the ability to multi-select.  However, once I select, it will not populate table 3.

@capricorn1, I am not sure I follow.  How would this tie back to my main table in Table 3?
to add multiple skills, using multi select listbox and vba

with me.lstskills
      if .itemsselected.count > 0 then
         for each j in .itemsselected
               currentdb.execute "Insert into tableName([ID], skill) values(" & me.[ID] &", '" & .column(1,j) &"')"

      end if

end with
I am getting a too few parameters error.
<I am getting a too few parameters error. >

make sure that the field names and table names are spelled correctly and, that the name of the field you are using are in the table.
I added this to my combo box (on enter) event procedure:

My table is tblResources:

In the  " & Me.[ID] & ", '" &
Is ID the Skills ID or Resource ID?

Private Sub lstskills_Enter()
With Me.lstSkills
      If .ItemsSelected.Count > 0 Then
         For Each j In .ItemsSelected
               CurrentDb.Execute "Insert into tblResources([ID], Skills) values(" & Me.[ID] & ", '" & .Column(1, j) & "')"

      End If

End With

End Sub
what is the rowsource of the listbox?

what is the recordsource of the form?
List Box:
SELECT [tblSkills].[ID], [tblSkills].[Abbr] FROM [tblSkills] ORDER BY [Abbr];

Record Source of Form:
Since your from is bound to tblResources, if you have a textbox called txtSkills (bound to [Abbr]), you can use this:

Private Sub lstSkills_AfterUpdate()
    With Me.lstSkills
      If .ItemsSelected.Count > 0 Then
         For Each j In .ItemsSelected
            Me.txtSkills = Me.txtSkills & .Column(1, j) & ", "
      End If
    End With
End Sub

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That partially worked, however the only thing that saved to my table was , , ,.  
The data did not save.  

Also the fields stayed highlighted after I selected them for all the records as well.
upload a copy of your db, and give details about the process you are trying to do.
To save the record, add:
Dirty = False
To clear the list box selections, use:

I am trying something new to accomplish my task. I am uploading my db.
My main objective is to track skills by each resource.

I have three tables.
      ResourceID  >> Same as ResourceID in tblResources
      SkillsID >>Same as SkillsID in tblResourcesSkills
       Abbr  >>>Same as Skills in tblResourcesSkills

Main Form to add resources:   frmResources
    >> This is the form that needs to be able to add skills from the resources (tblResources) and stored in (tblResourcesSkills)

I included the old way that I is listed in this thread.  However, it stores the data , , ,.  Ultametly this will not work if I need to run a report by Skill.  

I am trying to add check boxes.  Each check box is tied to tblSkills, but needs to update to tblResourceSkills.  I am not sure if this is possible?

Main Form in Database linked to all my subForms: frmNACSResources
Sub-Form to view skills: frmSkillsResourcesSubform

These forms are linked to each other for viewing purposes.

I have un-hidden the navagation and there is a login when you open the db.  
login: angelam
pw: 123456

If you know of a better way to accomplish this please let me know. It has been a few years since I have developed in Access.
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Thank You  That does exactly what I needed to.
@ IrogSinta  I have one final question, can I message you?  My business contact wanted to add an additional layer and I am not quite sure how to modify it.  I have tried in the code.

tblResourcesSkills they wanted to add a free text box (Other) so that when we choose Other  as a choice they can free text additional information.  So it would add an additional layer of  including what is entered into Other. (Other is linked to [Abbr] (OTH) & [OTHER] (Other).

I can add a check box
chk10 which is linked to [Abbr]  OTH
and I added a text box next to it (txtOther)

The field txtOther would upated in tblResourcesSkills would be (Other)  which is linked to Abbr.OTR

Can this be done?
Never mind, I figured it out :-)
@ IrogSinta

My check boxes stay checked when I go to add a new record.  When I go to review an existing record they default back to unchecked.  Any ideas?
Just change the OnCurrent event to:
Call HighlightSkills