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Office 2010 programs bring up windows install

Hi all,

An intresting one all of a sudden a user is getting windows install when ever he opens word or excel, have noticed it happens for all office products.

However if i log onto the machine as another user I get into the office programs with no issue.

Any ideas what it could be?
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So it seems profile related. When you say windows install; do you mean you get the 'MS Office is Configuring/Installing' message?
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No just a "windows Installer" dialog box comes up.

I have had a closer look at have found that if i go to the directory with the programs in they run ok, so obvious the links have got messed up somehow.
OK more investigation I can go directly to the program files directory for word and excel but not for outlook.
OK just relogged onto the another user and now that is giving the same when I open the office links from the shortcuts in the programs list in the start menu.
Have you tried letting the windows installation finish, when it pops up?
Yes it just fails
Sorry to ask questions, but by any chance do you have more than one version of MS Office installed on the system?
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Third option is the MS Clean Up utility, that is made for this purpose...

Take a read before installing and using this program, so you are aware of it's purpose:
In fact, I would try the utility next if the repair does not work.
Try downloading ccleaner and run the registy cleaner.
This is a free program. (
Hope that helps,
Will look at this tomorrow morning.

Only one version of office installed
Let us know how it goes FalklandsIT.
I had to remove and re-install Office it was the quickest thing to do in the end.