How to backup checkpoint Firewall

How to backup checkpoint (UTM-1 450 C2-C)

This FW is an old unit but core unit. This unit handles our FW/DMZ/URL-filtering/ClientVPN. I am new to Checkpoint, how do I properly backup the whole unit and its configurations.  I am using SmartDashboard R70 to connect to the device. Since it is different from the ASA ASDM, I wanted to know how to see the detailed list of the Access list and routing table.
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grimkinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use the backup command from either standard or expert mode via ssh. To get a list of the options, use the "--h" switch as shown below. You can also have this backup automatically moved off the machine via TFTP / FTP / SCP.

Hope this helps


[Expert@trinity]# backup --h
backup  [-h] [-d] [-l]  [--purge DAYS] [--sched [on hh:mm <-m DayOfMonth> | <-w DaysOfWeek>] | off] [--tftp <ServerIP> [-path <Path>] [<Filename>]]
                [--scp <ServerIP> <Username> <Password> [-path <Path>] [<Filename>]]
                [--ftp <ServerIP> <Username> <Password> [-path <Path>] [<Filename>]]
                [--file [-path <Path>] [<Filename>]]

        -d                              Show debug messages
        -l, --logs                      Back up log files
        -h, --help                      Show this help information
        -t, --tftp                      Transfer backup package to TFTP server
        -s, --scp                       Transfer backup package to SCP server
        -v, --ftp                       Transfer backup package to FTP server
        -f, --file                      Specify local backup package filename
        -e, --sched                     Configure scheduled backup operation
        -p, --purge                     Purge local backup packages older than DAYS
netcmhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you read ?

From the above page:

Click Setup in the main menu, and click the Tools tab.

The Tools page appears.
Click Export.

 A standard File Download dialog box appears.
Click Save.

The Save As dialog box appears.
Browse to a destination directory of your choice.
Type a name for the configuration file and click Save.

The *.cfg configuration file is created and saved to the specified directory.
grimkinConnect With a Mentor Commented:

There are a few different ways of doing this:

1) Backup through the web gui - this will allow you to take as config backup which you can then restore to a new install on the same (or same model of) machine. Obviously its a good idea to move the backups off to a different location.

2) Snapshot through the web gui - this will create a system snapshot which you can then revert to, again using the web gui

3) An upgrade export - this will backup the internal CA and firewall configuration but not OS level stuff, i.e. interface config, hostname etc. This can then be used to create your smartcenter on a different machine and / or platform - this is essential for disaster recovery. Details for this are available on the knowledge base but generally you will go into the $FWDIR/bin/upgrade_tools/ directory and run the following: "migrate export mybackupname" - this creates mybackupname.tgz which you can then move off the machine to keep for a disaster recovery situation.

Hope this helps.

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MikeAnalystAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Currently I only have access to this through "checkpoint SmartDashboard". Is there a way I can backup using the smartDashboard?
grimkinConnect With a Mentor Commented:

In short, no. You need to have access to the operating system, not just the checkpoint software. This means either webgui or ssh / console. You can perform a database revision which backs up th current set of firewall rules and objects but again you need os level access to move it off the machine.

MikeAnalystAuthor Commented:
I wll try to get the ssh working. If get it working, what is the command I need to use to backup the entire system and configuration. Thanks.
Using ssh, you can console in and run the command backup. The backup will be found in /var/log/CPbackup/backups
MikeAnalystAuthor Commented:
I still have issue connecting other than the dashboard. Getting some planned-downtime soon, going to play with this coming weekend to see if I can back it up.
Thanks for the grade. Good luck.
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