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Usbdriver.exe icon on flash drive is being corrupted by virus..

When I insert any flash drive into my system a new usbdriver.exe file is automatically inserted on the drive and the icon for the file is porn.  Bitdefender can't find a thing on the Win 7 Pro system.  I believe the startup process associated with recognizing the flash drive and initializing it in the file system has a virus.   Any ideas on how to fix it?  Placing a startup.ini file with a custom icon on the flash drive doesn't fix it.
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Sajid Shaik M
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copy all the data to antivirus updated system and scan it..

connect the usb and format it from command promot..
i.e usb detected as f: deive

go to run type cmd
in command prompt   type  C:/ format f /q   enter

this can be solve

all the best
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Rick Hobbs
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Definitely sounds like you have a bug and you're going to need another PC that isn't infected if you want to attempt to clean your PC... I'd suggest creating a bootable antivirus disc or usb jump drive on another PC that isn't compromised by this or any other virus.  A good utility that I've used for building bootable antivirus media is Sardu (  There are many ways to create a bootable disc or drive but I've found Sardu to be easy and convenient.

In any case, once you have a bootable antivirus disc or jumpdrive, use it to boot your PC so that none of the software or the OS from your computer will be loaded.  Use that antivirus program to completely scan and clean your computer's hard drive.  You may even want to use more than one antivirus application for this (i.e. boot from one antivirus app and completely scan and clean your pc, then boot from another and do the same)... it'll take a while but you want to be sure that you've gotten as much as possible off of your PC.

Ultimately the only sure fire way to handle this is to clean your PC, backup your important data, completely format your PC's hard drive and then re-install the OS.  

Good luck!
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Solution 1 - "copy all the data to antivirus updated system and scan it...." ignores the source of the virus is the PC and not the USB -  since virgin new flash drives are infected upon being inserted.

Solution 2  - "Download a copy of MalwareAntiBytes" - it worked and deserves the full credit

Solution 3 -  "Definitely sounds like you have a bug" was not tried because of solution 2 but wasn't an effective solution because it required extensive setup with no predictable results. Out of band virus scanning can be more effectively done by isolating the suspect disk(s) via USB to hard drive interface converters and scanning the drives as if they are just non-system disks.  This still relies on software that can find the virus/malware.  

Thanks to all for taking the time to respond.  It's always valuable to get a fresh look at the problem regardless of the problem and actual solution.

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I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for Hwylie's comment #a38753724

for the following reason:

My comment acknowledges solution 2, not my own solution.

Given the details you posted, and your response to my suggestions, I'd say you have a narrow understanding of how viral propagation occurs.  While I agree that "out of band virus scanning can effectively be done by isolating the suspect disk(s) via USB", this presents the opportunity for the infection to propagate to the host system being used for out of band scanning via auto-run if not disabled on the host.  Since we had no details on the infection itself other than the indication that it seems to take advantage of auto-run on the infected system a good technician would take the extra precaution of keeping the infected system and its disks isolated from non-infected systems.

Given that, had I known this was some game you were playing with other people's time I wouldn't have bothered wasting mine.  I'd suggest finding another avenue for playing games.
I think the reason he was asking for advice may be "a narrow understanding of how viral propagation occurs".  I don't think he was playing any game, he just may of stated how he assigned points in a fashion you didn't like.

The bottom line is the problem is resolved and I am glad I was able to be of assistance.