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HP Design Jet 100 on Vista Home Premium USB

I'm trying to set up an HP Designjet 100 on a Vista Home Premium computer.
This printer has successfully been used with Windows XP and with Windows 7 in the past.

I've tried pretty much everything I can think of and the outcome seems to always be the same:

When a test page is sent to the printer, it shows in the queue briefly and then disappears.  The printer does nothing.

I've removed all installs of the printer; I've purged the registry of this printer; etc.

I have an *.inf file recently downloaded from HP.  Inside it shows the printer name as "Designjet 100plus"

Now, I recall in installing printers in Windows 7 using XP drivers for XP to share that some of the .inf files need to be edited re: the printer name - in order for the .inf file to be recognized by the OS as the "right one".
I wonder if this might be the case here.
Variations on the name in this regard didn't help either but I'm not sure I picked the right name (how?).  I tried "Designjet 100", "Designjet 100plus", "designjet 100", "designjet 100 plus"'; "hpdesignjet ......"
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Yes and Yes.
In last table on this page:
it is listed as unsupported on Vista. Seems only 100 plus is supported.
Is your Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit?
Not sure is it applicable, or not, but here:
is recommended to install DesignJet 130 driver
for install, you know you should disconnect the printer, and install the software or driver, till asked for the printer? if not, try that
Yes.  In this case that doesn't happen but it's common practice.
What printers have been previously installed in the Vista OS?

Goto Control Panel and see what printer utility software have been installed and uninstalled them also.
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I had already done that and now it appears the printer is working.
it can be you need  a few reboots, and retries; multiple retries has worked for me in the past also