How to improve windows performance issue need some tips

I want some tips from experts so that I can improve the overall performance of our windows OS that ultimately will  improve the hardware performance as well

Particularly... google chrome taking too much of memory I have seen in task manager there are 4-5 application of chrome.exe all time running while using google chrome

Any insight would be appreciated
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wolfcamelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
performance can be improved in many respects..
1 - more ram - reduces use of swapfile.
2 - faster Cpu - may not be easily done, but may be able to be overclocked slightly
3- change HDD to SDD drive - gives significant performance improvement.
4-run an app like CCleaner to get rid of temp files
6-have a fixed size swapfile so the swapfile isn't fragmented - create this after doing a good defrag.
7- remove unnecessary background tasks - some systems will have additional apps provided by the manufacturer that you possibly don't use.
8 - do all windows updates - wont necessarily improve speed but will generally help.
9 - graphics speed - faster graphics cards will render even web pages quicker.

on the note of Chrome - it will create additional tasks for each tab open and other tasks such as rendering a web page - this is designed to help performance not degrade it - not much you can do.
which OS are you running?

Running 64bit windows 7 (or 8) will give the best performance in general.
delete all files in c:\temp
delete all files in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp
delete all files in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files

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jjjosefAuthor Commented:
I am using windows7 with 64 bit ...but also looking for a in general views
You will need to show hidden files from view, folder options

jjjosefAuthor Commented:
Thanks All for your support
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