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Cannot Delete a Meeting Request


I have a Small Business Server 2003 using Exchange for Emails (through POP3 Connector).

One of the users received a Meeting request from an outside source into their Outlook 2003.  

The meeting was not wanted and the user tried to delete the entry from their Outlook Calendar. The message disappeared but 5 minutes later it reappeared. Although it is not a problem that it is there in the Calendar the problem is that as the date has passed it comes up as a reminder every 5 minutes.

I have tried deleting it and then removing it form the Deleted items, it returns, I have tries deleting it in Web Outlook but it returns.

The original sender says they have deleted it their end and there is now no record of it.

Can anyone tell me either how to delete it or how to stop the reminder. Obviously I have tried removing removing the reminder and rescheduling the entry. But whatever I do it reverts back to the original settings and the reminder box flashes up continually.

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I hope you have restarted the machine already. If not try restarting Outlook its self and if it doesn't work try restarting the machine itself. For me that have been worked such cases.
So if you are experiencing same case it may help.
Issue is I think the outlook is not connected to the server and its not refreshed so its working on the local data it has.
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I have restarted the PC and Outlook and the Outlook is connected to the Server otherwise it would not receive emails.

The Outlook does not work in cached mode so it is live on the server
Ok so it should be something else. However if meeting isn't in the server and still it is in your calender means that there is a problem in your outlook installation.
yup I gathered that. But it still doesnt tell me how to solve it.
all these links are for Outlook 2007 and 2010 and the problem is with 2003. Also they are all for the originator of the message whereas the problem is with a recipient of a meeting request.
Ok I think you need to cancel the meeting rather than deleting the meeting
check this
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Nothing I was givne worked and I found the solution on a different site and have posted the answer here.