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Akeeba Backup on Joomla


I am using Joomla 2.5.8 to power my website - and all is well except for the backup services of Akeeba,what amazes me is that all updates are fine and the company server is running well without any glitches. What i am trying to say is that - what could be the problem when i backup my work at the end of each day - it goes on and on till it doesn't stop (adleast an hour) then i  get an error message: Akeeba Backup throws an AJAX Error, 500 Internal Server Error or the backup does not complete ........I need a solution for this in order to start backing up my site.
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Which version of PHP you are using as Akeeba have released a major update a couple of months ago and it's not fully functioning with the older version of PHP. Make surfe you are using latest version of PHP. If the problem still persisting, remove and reinstall it. Akeeba is quite reliable solution and does not fail easyly.
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Where do i check the php version? and if all fails - i should reinstall the akeeba tool??
When  you login to your cpanel, at the left hand side you will see you server's components versions, MysQL, PHP etc.
Akeeba has released very nice compability matrix. Please follow the link

Since you are running Joomla 2.5, your Akeeba should be version 3.6+ which require at least PHP5.2

If all preprequsities matching then  remove and reinstall the Akeeba.
Okay - i found it and this is what it says:

Theme      wa_x3
Apache version      2.2.23
PHP version      5.3.19
MySQL version      5.5.27-cll
Architecture      x86_64

Is that good enough??
Yes your system macthes with preprequsities. So only option left for you which means Uninstall Akeeba-Purge the cachce-Make sure all aakeeba related folders been removed (check in the panel) then download the latest copy of Akeeba Core from the website and install it.
Okay great - do you know of a link where i can download it??
This is the exact message i get when i try backing up:

Backup Failed

The backup operation has been halted because an error was detected.
The last error message was:

AJAX Loading Error
HTTP Status: 0 (error)
Internal status: error
XHR ReadyState: 0
Raw server response:

Please click the 'View Log' button on the toolbar to view the Akeeba Backup log file for further information.

We strongly recommend going through the step-b
And this is what happens after i have downloaded a brand new akeeba core backup on a brand new Joomla installation.....Please see attached files.

We think its a Joomla issue.......but of course we could be wrong.
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