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Face Recognition Softtare


Please help on face recognition software which can make me log on to my computer using still image previously saved or image retrieved over the network.
I need to allow logon to my computer based in face recognition image based not live webcam.
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Face recognition software needs a camera in order to work. Not sure what the purpose behind this is.

If you want a secure way of unlocking your computer by "something you have", this can be achieved by a Smart Card or a USB dongle.

In terms of the above:
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So here is the exact requirement.

We are running a E-Learning platform where we face a problem of impersonation.
We want the user that is sitting on the computer should be authenticated based on face recognition software and incase he goes away for XX seconds or minutes then a alert shall come up.
We want the face recognition shall happen from a existing data base of images rather any software building the image on the spot with the user.

Please suggest some face recognition attendance system per PC based.
In terms of using a pre existing database of images it depends entirely on how the facial recognition software stores its data. Also 99% of the software out there needs more than one image for it to be able to make a successful match. This is due to changing lighting conditions, etc making it harder to match to only one image.

In terms of Software you can try:

If these users are all going to be on their own pcs you would need to look at an API based approach:
Some APIs:

You could look at the SDK from: to
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