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unable to set Timer on a jTextField

Dear Experts,
I am designing a JDialog which contains few jTextFields. One of that belongs to time. I am unable to set timer against that so as to get system time on the JDialog.
 I have tried but getting some error in timer = new Timer(500,this); Compilation showing error agains the word "this" and the error is " cannot be converted to java.awt.event.ActionListener by method invocation conversion". Please find the code for reference. If I remove the word "this" by "null" the error doesn't appair but required result not getting. onlt first time I am able to see the time on jTableField but not able to get real time after words.

Please help
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try OuterClassName.this

where OuterClassName is the name of the class which holds the class implementation of ActionListener
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Please find the code for reference
Couldn't find it... can you post it?
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Sorry I forgot to attach source file. Please find the same.

Your class should really be extending JFrame not JDialog, and using JPanels with LayoutManagers to display your text fields etc.
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Thanks CEHJ,

The issue is resolved.