Please see pic attached
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eXpeLLeD_4RM_heLLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What I would say, start by booting with the bare essentials : Mobo, CPU, Ram, Hard Drive and PSU.
Next try a Windows Repair and see if that works.
next alternative, get your hands on a Live Boot CD and boot into the Hard Drive and check for viruses/spyware.
Last alternative backup, reformat and reload.
when does it occur? could you access the Windows\Minidumps folder from your system?
if so, please post the latest files from that said folder here
fcekAuthor Commented:
High spec PC i7 etc ...
Synergy PC - company now gone.  They built PCs with sound in mind. Has two Scusi Hdds.
I tested both hdds and both test ok.

Windows\Minidumps - nothing there so I created a folder called  "Minidumps" in the windows folder.

Oddity's so far ....

Doesnt let me up or down arrow on boot choices with a USB KB but will on a PS2 KB !  
(Motherboard problem?)

Swapped out DVD rom and its stopped BSOD - so perhaps thats the issue.

Running a memtest now.
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Most common BSODs are memory related.
When does it exactly BSOD, at startup or are you doing something specific?
With Regards to the USB KB, check the BIOS for USB Legacy to be enabled
fcekAuthor Commented:
Update .....

The system had an Acronis backup - prompt f11 to restore factory image.
Did this and same problem !

It happens on the way to safe mode also aft loading factory op sys :-(

It has 4 memory sticks  - removed 2 same

Testing just 2 modules now with memtest.

Have to walk away from this PC now its wrecking my head.

>>>>>>>> any idea what that the errors on the pic attached mean?

Boring > Another option is to install a bare metal op sys.  It has a XP DVD and licence.
fcekAuthor Commented:
Memory modules test ok.

Bsod happens at xp splash screen
fcekAuthor Commented:
I did a bare metal install in the end.
Couldnt get any mini dumps.

After doing all service packs etc all "seemed" to be ok ......... but now ....... I get intermittent bombs when I run two diff apps.  Odd.
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