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the remote device or resource won't accept the connection detected

One windows seven workstation has lost its connection to the internet.  it does not matter what browser is used. the network icon in the system tray has a little yellow triangle with an exclamation point and when i troubleshoot it says "the remote device or resource won't accept the connection detected"  I tried this solution but it did not help, I tried rolling the PC back with system restore but that didn't help.  The PC can access all resources on the windows network so it is not a connectivity problem. All other PC's on the network can access the internet.
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when you open Network and sharing center

View your basic network information and setup connections section

You see your computer then and network icon and then the internet icon

What does the Network ICon look like?

Does this computer go in hibernation mode?  seen that cause this problem
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could you please check that you don't have a virus/Malware.

After that please try:
IE 8 under tools>internet options>advanced>reset
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The network icon is the symbol for a domain network it is a large and small blue box with our domain name underneath. It is followed by a line with a red "X" in the middle and then the internet globe symbol. This PC does not go into a hibernation mode.
Thats what I thought

Are you using VPN?
no vpn

I also tried release and renew of IP address. The IP settings from DHCP for gateway & DNS are all correct.
ok the something is getting in the way.

Lets try this

run msconfig

on the services tab hide all microsoft services then disable the rest.
on the startup tab disable all

restart see what happens.

What antivirus program you running?
I performed the listed tasks but it came back from reboot the same. Symantec Endpoint Protection v12.1 is running.
i also tried logging on as domain admin but the problem is the same.
In device manager

remove the network adapter.

then rescan for new devices it will detech the network adapter.

Also were the cable is plugged in do you see any lights lit up?

On the switch is that port lit up?

Try reseating the cable?

Is this a PCI card or intregated network adapter?

Check with manufacturer for any updates to it
I removed and re-added adapter yesterday and again just now with no change.  I reset cable yesterday with no change. There is a solid light on the adapter and switch.  The user can access mapped network drives and Echange server without problem.  I switched patch cables/building wiring and switch port with another PC with no change.  It is an integrated Broadcom Netextreme Gigabit controller with up to date drivers.
sounding like you have so corruption in the software.

run sfc /scannow

if you get errors

try in safe mode sfc /scannow

If you have errors then try install repair option
the scan finished with "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations"
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I don't have a pci car adapter here, i will try a wireless adapter i have.
Ok sounds good

Sometimes the onboard components just go bad.

I would look into getting a PCI network adpater very inexpense.
I ordered a network card and it will be here tomorrow.
the new network card solved the problem, thanks