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Whitescreen Virus

Hi All
My Laptop seems to be attacked by the Whitescreen Virus.  I checked it out on the Web but none of them seem to have worked. It seems to be severley infected as i cannot access BIOS as it keeps asking me for a Password and there was never a password on it.
It takes  a long time to boot up and when it does and when i log in the white screen appears straight away.
It does the same thing in Safe Mode and Safe Mode with Networking. I also done a system restore from command prompt but that made no difference either - still the same problem.
I also tried to reinstall the Operating System but it wont boot from DVD Drive.
When i go to Boot Options the dvd option is not there either.
Desperate to find way round this

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Scott C
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Are you able to boot from a flash drive?  If you can do that you can put your OS on the flash drive and install it from there.

You will need to make an ISO file from your install disk.
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Cheers ScottCha For the reply but cannot boot from the USB Drive Either..

Regards M
Here's another suggestion:

1.  Pull the HD from the machine and slave it off of another computer.

2.  Boot with Knoppix distro...

3.  Copy the data from your infected drive to a flash drive or other backup device.

4.  Format the infected drive.

5.  Put it back into your machine and try booting from DVD drive.

It looks like your BIOS has been changed as well.  I'm not sure what you'd do at this point to fix that.
What is the make/model of your laptop?
fujitsu siemens esprimo mobile v5535
I would do what ScottCha suggested but be careful as depending on the virus / infection it could spread to your working computer when you slave the drive.  Read up on this specific infection to see what it can do as far as spreading.  

For your BIOS issue, try resetting the bios.. I believe your model laptop has a cmos battery located under the keyboard.  You can use the manual for your laptop to access it.
I agree.  That's why I suggested booting with a Knoppix disk.  As Knoppix is Unix based any PC based viruses won't be able to function and infect anything.

You could also disconnect any drives you want to be 100% safe with.
Right.  However he cant boot from any devices on that computer so he will have to slave it on another computer.  Although I guess in that case he can / should still boot to a unix distro to access / copy the data.

BTW sorry for not going further into detail OP..  To reset the bios to default you can remove the cmos battery that I referenced in my last post for about 2 minutes and then place it back in.  That should do the trick.  At that point you should be able to boot to either CD or USB and complete the steps ScottCha suggested.
did you try the removal as listed here?

i had a similar infection, and was able to clear it by using the windows offline defender cd :
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