QuickBooks Crashes when Saving a P.O.

In QuickBooks Enterprise 13 it crashes when saving a purchase order, but just in one company file for one user. If I have them open a different company file everything works just fine. Others who use the same company file can edit and save purchase orders without issue.

I ran a diagnosis on the company file to see if it had become corrupt and it said everything was okay. I also ran a repair on QuickBooks on the users machine just to rule that out and it still keeps happening. Thoughts?
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TechGuy_007Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Apparently there is a bug that the R5 update addresses. After I ran that update the issue was resolved.
Try setting up a new user name for this user (assigning the appropriate roles)

Linda Saltz
QB Advisor
TechGuy_007Author Commented:
I went ahead and tried your suggestion and it still crashed when saving. I also had them log in under the Admin credentials too and it again crashed.
TechGuy_007Author Commented:
I posted the same question on Intuit's Support Forum and this was the working resolution they provided.
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