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Need article on moving development of acquired software from single developer to team.

My company recently acquired a rather complex software product created by a single developer for a limited market. (It happens to be an MRP system, but not sure if that is relevant.) We are trying to get a handle on the functionality, code and database (none of which are well-documented) so that bug fixes and further development can be taken over by a larger team -- and get it ready for larger-scale distribution. The original developer is still available, but only on a limited basis.

Do you know of an article or book that addresses best practices or suggestions for a task such as this?  Thanks.
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Thanks very much, developmentguru.  I really appreciate the time and thought.  Why not submit it, as-is, to one of the industry magazines?  I am certain this situation is relatively common and would think such an article would prove valuable to many readers.