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Arranging Itunes 11 in Podcast View by Album

I have a bunch of podcasts that should be sorted by album but instead they are just thrown in a grouping that just says teachings.  There is an album cover showing but the collection is a mismatch of all kinds of albums.

Looking at the metadata it appears the album name just says teachings but the grouping has the album name.  The sort option under album just has the word teachings too.

There are over 400 podcasts in this teachings album and I want to get them sorted out into album sequence.  How can I do this in the most expeditious way?  I need this to be seen in poadcast view not the list view.  That way the album covers show quickly what the podcasts are about.


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Could you post an image of the 2Properties" of one of the podcasts so I get a better idea?
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Here is what I think you might want to see.  I wasn't too sure what 2Properties meant.
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Those are all playlists
Does this help
How to Create Album Playlists in iTunes

Customizing the iPod Interface On Your iPhone and iPod touch
Thanks for getting back to me.  It seems that there might be some more steps needed because I don't see a browse button and I don't have an album name to drag to the playlist I created.

When I just drag the podcasts over the album cover is the same generic cover I showed above.

Do you know how to just change the artwork so that all the miscellaneous podcasts can be grouped according to album?

I am willing to alter the metadata if necessary.  When I play some of the miscellaneous podcaasts they actually have the correct album cover.

The other choices are available through the More tab.
By clicking on the “See All” option at the top of each chart, the entire list of top rated will show
Did you update iTunes to version 11?
I sourced this
How do I view podcasts in a tiled artwork view using iTunes?
Is it possible to bring back the old tile view of my podcasts?
The only option appears to be the list view on the side and only a view of the individual podcast to the right of that. I want to see the overall view in tile form again.
If you try to select view options in the Podcast view - you will see an empty space where hopefully options will arrive. This product was delayed a month for engineering work - perhaps that view had problems and was cut so that the rest of the App could be released.
How to use iTunes 11's new features (and bring back the old iTunes look)
Does that help?
regards Merete
Hi Merete,

Thanks for your help and I am so sorry to have to ask so many questions.  However, I can't find the more button.  I am on iTunes 11.0.1.
Hello sharingsunshine, no worries you ask away until we sort it,
 I may be a bit late responding as well since we could be at opposite ends of the world.
I'm in Australia
Just so I can see this in my head, your using iTunes on your desktop of course and want see these options in iTunes on your desktop not on any iphone or ipad?ipod?
This a very good guide with pictures.
Secrets & Features of iTunes 11
I am using iTunes on my desktop and I am trying to change the desktop only.  Looking through that link I searched on the word more and the more button still isn't showing anywhere can you do a screenshot and tell me the steps that made it display?
Hello sharingsunshine just as I thought, you confused the more options I posted on your ipod/ipad, you now confirm it's iTunes not ipad.
Since I just looked at your uploaded images one of them was a podcast list?
At that stage I didn't know which you were using.
Sorry about that but we are both on the same page now.
refering to ipod touch or ipad>
The tabs across the bottom of the iPod app on iPhone and iPod touch provide one-touch access to the contents of your iTunes media library on your device.
User generated image
I think we might still be off.  I am using iTunes on a MacBook Pro and my iTunes doesn't look like the iiPod Touch screen above.

If you can give me a screenshot off of your desktop Mac that would be best.
I'm on windows 7  yikes
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No one had a viable solution for a Mac iTunes installation.  I went on several forums and found some partial answers and then experimented with it and it worked.  Been using it ever since in that manner.