Backup Exec 12.5 loading media (won't finish backup)

I have a standalone HP backup system that I use Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 to backup all my servers.

Currently I backup every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I do full backups as well and I have it set to Ovewritable - Infintie - Allow Append

I use LTO 4 tapes and I have had no issues with doing full backups like this for the past 3years.

Now I am currently putting my tapes in on Monday or Wednesday or Friday and when I come in the next day to check on the tape its already ejected and Backup Exec says it wants me to load more media, like the Tape got full, Which is shocking to me because I have 100% complete Backup sets and the total bytes is 1,106,355,775,970

Like I said above I have always had 100% success and verified data that large on an LTO 4 tape so its not like there getting full, its acting like its not compressing the data.

So what I have done so far is:

Cleaned the Backup Unit
Long Erased a Test tape and put it back in and it still didn't work

Currently its stopping around 789GB's and then it ejects the tape and wants me to load another tape before it finishes.

Any ideas?
Neogeo147IT Systems AdminAsked:
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SteveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i would caution against cleaning the tapes more than once. Cleaning cartridges are very abrasive to the heads and can cause premature wear of the heads.
Thats a fair point but it would take a lot of overdcleaning to cause that. not an extra clean or two on a single occasion.

The compression ratio will depend on your data not the tapes

for brand new drives and tapes this is theoritically true, but the quality of the tapes and the ability of the drive to write without errors makes a huge difference to the storage capacity and compression.
Gerald ConnollyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well 1,106,355,775,970 is 1TB. What is this number?

Well it certainly looks like the drive thinks the tape is full and so does BE, although 800GB means that you do not seem to be getting any compression.

I am not surprised that your tapes have filled up after 3 years, i would be surprised if your data hadnt got bigger over that time.

What happens if you give it another tape do the backups complete?

You do realize you do not have any valid backups since this starting happening?
SteveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sounds like the tapes/drive are getting old and its struggling to compress the data.

a) Tapes are old. they should normally be replaced after 1-2 years

b) drive is old/dirty. clean the drive multiple times and use new tapes. also try resetting the 'cleaning' statistics for the device in backup exec so you can see how many errors are created when you do a backup.

c) Compression is turned off. check backup exec is trying to compress the data

d) the data cannot be compressed. not all data will compress and this is not a fault.

I'd go for a new tape first. If that sorts it just replace your tapes and cleaning tape and give the drive a good clean before using them.
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Gerald ConnollyCommented:
i would caution against cleaning the tapes more than once. Cleaning cartridges are very abrasive to the heads and can cause premature wear of the heads.

The drive should tell you if it needs cleaning.
Neogeo147IT Systems AdminAuthor Commented:
Ok well so far I think the Compression is the culprit, but is it hardware related or not, I just found updated HP drivers for the device so I installed those from 2008 to a 2010 driver.

Compression is definitly turned on but its not doing a 2:1 compression its doing 1:1 or 1:3, it could be the tapes I suppose.

I will start with the driver update to see if that resolves it

if not then I will order new cleaning tape and new tapes and see what happens
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
The compression ratio will depend on your data not the tapes
Neogeo147IT Systems AdminAuthor Commented:
Well the compression was definitly the issue, its a hardware issue.

I just changed my backup scheme to accomodate for this until I can replace.

Thank you all for you help
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