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SBS 2003 crashed.. now DHCP will not start

My server has been crashing and I am trying to get a temp DC going for a swing migration. The temp DC will not take. But when the server crashed and restarted I lost the dhcp service. I cannot start it or authorize it.  I am not sure what to do at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Is this on the server that crashed or the Temp DC?

Remember that FSMO roles are on a DC and if you only had on DC then the server that crashed needs to be up and running to transfer the roles or you will have to force the roles.

Thats a start.

Whet errors in the event log are you getting.

Can the original DC be up and running?
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This is on the main domain controller . The temp DC issue was a month or so ago when i was starting the swing migration. I would never sync the sysvol. SO i put it aside. But now the main server crashed and once restated DHCP will not start. I clicked on event viewer and the machine restarted.
Make sure another dhcp server not available in network because in SBS only single DHCP server will work.

Configure the antivirus software to exclude the %systemroot%\System32\DHCP folder when it scans the computer
ok what else is running on this server? Applications services?

What is in the startup ?

We need to find out why this is crashing first.

Opening the event viewer should not crash the server.

Can you schedule a chkdsk
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I am pretty sure there is no other DHCP server running. Because none of the pc's that are set to dhcp get an ip from a dhcp server.
If they are not getting the Ip from the windos 2003 server then were are they getting it from?
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I changed the ones having issues to static IP's
Ok so now all computer can access the netwok using static.

We can now figure out why the DHCP service is not starting.

WE need to see the event log to see what errors we are getting.

How are you trying to view the event logs?

Are you using mmc?

If you are using MMC it could be corrupted if it crashes your server when you view it.

What happens if you use start programs and select event viewer from administration tools?
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http://www.experts-exchang<wbr /><wbr />icrosoft_O<wbr />perating_S<wbr />ystems/Win<wbr />dows/2000/<wbr />Q_21614014<wbr />.html<br /><br />Found info on another thread