Citrix not accepting connections

Periodically the citrix servers stop accepting connections and then eventually they will not accept an RDP connection and have to be robooted several times or powered completly down and back up. The citrix version is 4.0, the OS is windows 2003. We have some servers running windows 2000 who are not experiencing the issue. Could it be related to a windows update?
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Rahul PatilConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Yes,this issue normally happens after installing windows updates.Common workaround for this is as below:

1)Check if ICA ic listening on port 1494 by using below command in cmd

 netstat -an | findstr ""

2)If result is balnk then

3)Go to start>>administrative tools>>terminal service configuration manager

4)right click on ICA and disable and enable it

5)Then check again if server is listening on port 1494

6)If its listening then issue is resolved

7)If its not listening then delete the ICAlistner and recreate it(Check security settings of ICA ) before deleting.

There is a possibility you  may have a problem obtaining an allocation  for a  CAL for terminal services. Check your terminal services license for your CITIRX  ICA connector.
Simple question: Did you upgrade the Internet Explorer recently? Or any security update recently?

This might not be  the reason your RDP stop working, however I remember a occasion where internet explorer upgraded to IE 8 and all of sudden RDS stops, If yes, even if you uninstall the updated version of IE, that doesn’t help.

Let me know the answer for this question, if not we will find the actual cause!!
agcsupportAuthor Commented:
The servers have not updated to IE 8 but they have recently received security updates. That is what I suspected might be the issue as nothing else in the environment has changed but I do not have any idea which one may be causing the issue.
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