Missing Drives

As the enclosed JPG shows, when I boot up my PC, there are several drives missing. Furthermore, if I plug something else in (thumb drives) those are not seen in Computer Management-Device Manager-Disk Drives. ???
- GadgetDude
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
no attached file...

are there any missing drivers in device manager?  What is new?
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
NOTHING! As said beforehand: I am getting either a Lenovo or Toshiba. The purpose is to announce that I will no longer work with the Dell desktop; and to discern any recommendations on either (a) Lenovo laptops or (b) Toshiba laptops. MINIMAL CONFIG: i7; 6gb Memory ; 1TB
- GadgetDude
i always test these devices on  another pc, to be sure they are ok
next, connect them to the usb port on the back of the pc, they ussually supply a bit more power
then - i use a POWERED USB hub like : http://www.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Product_Id=158910

after these steps, i start troubleshooting
post results
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GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
I am surprised! I am smarter than I thought (although, so far, no solution is coming). I did everything that you guys posted, and here are the results:

NOTHING!!! I put any device to the computer; for example, a thumb drive: you hear the familiar sound, but the thumb drive (or any external drive) are not displayed either on the screen or in Device Manager. It's just not there!  Mystery!

NEW INFORMATION:: As of Friday, January 11, 2013 this problem has become important but NOT critical. I purchased a brand new Lenovo laptop with a 17.3 screen operating Windows 7 Home Premium which I will upgrade to Windows 7 Professional (64-Bit).

Although not now critical, I still would like to fix this drive recognition problem. (I can always use this as a secondary PC, or trash it and use the internal drive somewhere else).

I await further responses from you wonderful members. It is now not critical but its repair is important.   THANK YOU!!!!


P.S. Too bad I can't award 1,000 Points - you're worth it.
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
Found something (although I can't figure out what is happening)"

Placed a thumb drive into the PC via USB. Device Manager recognizes it, as it is labled so within. BUT it is not seen on the PC. I attempted to "Upgrade" the Driver but the computer comes back and says the current driver is OK.
THAT'S THE WEIRD PART: HOW CAN THE DRIVER OF A THUMB  DRIVE BE OK?? When the device is displayed in Device Manager; but is not listed with the available drives list?

It either EXISTS or NOT it cannot be BOTH.

TO BE OR NOT TO BE!!!  Which is it?
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
When you say the drive does not show in device manager are you referring to the following
Device Manager Disk Drives
"As the enclosed JPG shows, when I boot up my PC, there are several drives missing."
Still no enclosed jpg..

Is this a new install or was this operating properly before?
it probably did not assign a drive letter -  try that from disk management, and right click the drive to assign one
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
It probably doesnt have a valid file system on it, which is why it shows up in device manager, but not in Windows Explorer. Use Disk Manager to format the drive and it should show up in Explorer
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
Ve3Ofa: Under "Disk Drives" the drives are shown with an error icon but the drive icons are not shown in Windows Explorer's list of drives.

Nobus: It cannot assign what it does not see?! When I right-clicked, Windows wanted me to look for an Upgrade to the thumb drive's drive. It came back with a message that the drive letter was OK. IT IS NOT!!!

If no solution for this is not found by the time the NEW LENOVO LAPTOP is here, I will close this case and do one of the following after rewarding points for, at least, a valiant effort with my fellow members:
(a) COMPLETELY ERASE DRIVE (c) and clean out the hard-drive''
(b) Next, reinstall the operating system, Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit, and start from scratch.
(c) Last resort: scuttle the entire desktop and use it for scrap.
But none of this may matter, since there are several strong indicators that the motherboard is corrupt (after all, what good is it to reinstall an OS on a bad motherboard?

As always: THANK YOU
you're shouting at us - but never posted the "enclosed jpg" so we could see...
now - if the problem is recent, a system restore sometimes helps
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Ve3Ofa: Under "Disk Drives" the drives are shown with an error icon but the drive icons are not shown in Windows Explorer's list of drives.

in device manager: if you right click and select properties what does it say?
Are the missing drives connected to the motherboard or are they usb attached drives?
Any other exclamation marks in device manager? i.e. in storage controllers/usb device controllers?

Again you didn't answer: did this ever work? or is it a new problem?

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GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
(1) When Right-Click and selecting Properties Device Manager asks if I want to delete, uninstall or upgrade the drivers; at which time it informs me the drives for the external disk are OK. NOT!
(2) USB attached (The drives were attached to at least 6 USB slots and all failed). INTERESTINGLY: IF THE DRIVES WERE DETACHED & CONNECTED TO A SECOND! SEPARATE
post screen shots please !
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