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Redirect sub domain to another website?

I have a Windows 7 hosts file below that is being ignored/bypassed when I connect to the interent via a 3G moderm which uses a proxy server.


123.456.56.232            www.mywebsite.com
123.456.56.232            mywebsite.com
123.456.56.232            www.otherwebsite.com
123.456.56.232            otherwebsite.com

Basically I use the host file to test/build websites on new hosting accounts before moving them there.
I can't use the host file and if I try cpanel temp link http://123.456.56.232/~mywebsite the website layout is not correct.

If I created a subdomain from another domain I own (say redirect.com) could I point a sub domain to this test site by creating a DSN record at my registrar to point to the test site?

For example something like
mywebsite.redirect.com --> www.mywebsite.com @ 123.456.56.232
otherweb.redirect.com --> www.otherwebsite.com @ 123.456.56.232

If so how would I do it, any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

1 Solution
Both websites in your hosts file point to the same IP address. That could be your problem.

You could do a subdomain, a php script or anything else to redirect.
You can create any entries in DNS to point at a particular IP.  So if you own "redirect.com", create an A record for "website1" in that domain, and point it at the IP that you want.  But remember, this only resolves an IP.  If your website is relying on a GET request for a particular URL (e.g. www.website.com), a request to website1.redirect.com, even if it returns the same IP as www.website.com, will not get the right content.  The same is true if you created CNAME records in place of A records (a CNAME references another FQDN, vs. an A record which references an IP).
sabecsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the feedback. In that case does anyone know how to bypass a proxy server, perhaps using another dns service provider?
Rather than using the hosts file on your PC to trick it into seeing something that's not really there, why not create the development site's account as dev.mydomain.com.  That way you bypass the need to bypass the proxy (and the need to have the hosts file at all)

If you have access to WHM and you're developing on the same server as the live website lives, you just create a new account as normal and specify dev.mydomain.com as the hostname - it'll be handled completely seperately from mydomain.com's actual hosting account.  You can then upload to, and view files on, dev.mydomain.com without further changes.

If you're not developing on the same server as the live website uses, create the new account dev.mydomain.com on the development server, and then create a subdomain on the live site's server as you did before, giving the development server's IP address.

This way, provided you don't hardcode the hostname dev.mydomain.com or its home directory path anywhere, then your development will work when you go live by copying it to www.mydomain.com in its original place.  If you do hardcode the home directory path or the hostname anywhere, you can just search/replace for it at the end.

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