How to edit Root path in Folder Redirecion using Citrix Profile Management?

Hello there,

In ourt Citrix XA 6.5 farm we use Citrix Profile Management.

Wherein Desktop and My Documents are redirected to user's Home drive (H:\). That is when they create document in either Desktop/My Documents, it is redirected to H:\drive and a folder named Citrix created (as shown in the attached screenshot).

I want to change the name from Citrix to Citrix Profile. Where should I change this? and How?

Please advise.

Thanks and Regards
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Ayman BakrConnect With a Mentor Senior ConsultantCommented:
You should be able to find that in the GPO. Open GPO and, as far as I remember, browse to:

Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Citrix -> Profile Management

Then double click Path to User Store. In the path to user store you can control how the share name should appear.
Shibu_KelothConnect With a Mentor Commented:
GPO- Computer management- Classic Administrative Templates- Citrix -Profile management:


Sets the path to the directory in which the user settings (registry changes and synchronized files) are saved (user store).

The path can be an absolute UNC path or a path relative to the home directory.

In both cases the following types of variables can be used: system environment variables enclosed in percent signs and attributes of the Active Directory user object enclosed in hashes.


The folder Windows\%ProfileVer% stores the user settings in the subfolder called Windows\W2k3 of the user store (if %ProfileVer% is a system environment variable resolving to W2k3).

\\server\share\#SAMAccountName# stores the user settings to the UNC path \\server\share\JohnSmith (if #SAMAccountName# resolves to JohnSmith for the current user).

User environment variables cannot be used, except for %username% and %userdomain%. If this setting is disabled, the user settings are saved in the Windows subdirectory of the home directory.

If this setting is not configured here, the setting from the INI file is used. If this setting is not configured here or in the INI file, the Windows directory on the home drive is used.
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