how to choose firewall

How to choose a suitable firewall for my enviroment.

why is firewall important and can i just use build in firewall from my server..

if i m not using VPN is firewall appliance necessary?
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How to choose a suitable firewall for my enviroment.

I would use a Hardware Firewall.
We use Panda ( )

why is firewall important
I agree with awawada regarding hardware firewall
Basically it depends on your network scale, how many users exists, internet bandwidth, if VPN exist etc

We use Fortigate, is suggested for larger networks than Panda can hold

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Agree with Kostasp.

We have hundreds of customers with Panda GateDefender.
Complete protection for large and mid-sized networks, up to 2,500 users.

We use also Astaro & SonicWALL for small customers.
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Agree with the others that a hardware-based firewall is the way to go.

I'd suggest evaluating your needs and the available funds. A firewall in general will keep out the bad guys and also filter, if you want, outgoing traffic to keep things more under control on the inside.

Remember that security should be a multi-layered approach. For example in my environment, we have AV protection on the desktops, we have a hardware-based firewall, an IDS/IPS device, email filtering and web filtering. Most of these are separate devices and/or services. We are currently looking to upgrade our firewall and the new one will have IDS/IPS built in. Once that's up, we'll be moving away from our current solution for that.

We've used Cisco PIX devices in the past and have found them to be very configurable and robust. Cisco no longer makes them and we are now looking at the Cisco ASA device.  Juniper also makes a nice hardware-based firewall, but I have no direct knowledge of them.
tankergoblinAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all those comment.. how about fortigate.. i have approximately 80 users which model of firewall should i use?
tankergoblinAuthor Commented:
and also beside than no. of user and internet bandwidth.. what else should i consider??
I can't speak to Fortigate as I've never used that.  However, in general terms, beyond what you've mentioned look at features - does it do what I need it to do and support - can I get the contract that I need at a price I can afford.
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Hardware Firewalls

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