Odata, client certificate authentication in java client

Dear experts,

I am trying to build an application that gets OData from a OData website. to do this i have to use Client certificate authentication to access the data. I however don't know how to get this done and make a connection to the site. Does someone have an example for me?.


Mark Vrenken
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ValeriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually I have never used this type of authentication. I have used only base authentication. But I think you have to add it, because of this code. It looks like the certificates are loaded from there.

and after that:

I think this is what you are asking about?! You are using odata4j aren't you?
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MarkVrenkenAuthor Commented:
Hi Valerie,

Thanks for your responces! Yes i am using OData4j. I will try this. Thanks very much, hope it works.


Mark Vrenken
MarkVrenkenAuthor Commented:
Hi Valeri,

Can you please explain me why I have to add this key to the keystore? I have installed the server certificate to my pc, is this enough or is it necessary to also add it to the keystore? because then i have to ask the system admin (cacerts access is denied in cmd)


MarkVrenkenAuthor Commented:
I have not yet got this far because of some issues with connectivity but thanks for your help. I am trying to use the Odata4j package but have to use a proxy and don't know how to do this in combination with the ODataConsumer.

THanks for your help!
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