Cisco Wireless 880, 892 MAC filters

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A simple query on MAC filter in CISCO wireless 880 or 892 router, how many MAC filters can be configured in these routers?  Alternatively are there any entry level wireless router which can support more then 130 MAc address to filter, I found maximum 54 MAC filter configuration in entry level series.

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agonza07Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The 880/892 run Cisco IOS and MAC filtering is done through ACLs. This means the number is practically unlimited, but your do run into issues should you start having hundreds and hundreds of lines... maybe thousands... limitation is how fast it can go through those ACLs and still service your clients responsively. The 130 should be ok.

Not sure what entry-level series you are looking at, but maybe calling up Cisco pre-sales support can help you out.
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