MSM710 Mobility Controller, how to assign DNS servers via DHCP

Have a client with an MSM710 mobility controller (HP) setup for guest and private access (two VSC's are setup).  This is working.

DHCP is being done by the controller itself.  But its assigning the only DNS server to DHCP clients as, which is itself.  I'd like to add in a couple more DNS servers to be assigned to clients, but can't seem to find where to do so.

In the Network --> Address Allocation --> configure DHCP server I do see  line item "DNS Servers to assign to client stations" but it doesn't appear to be configurable.  Pic attached.

Help appreciated.
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Don S.Commented:
The VSC is access controlled if there is a check mark in the Access Control section of the VSC configuration.

Not necissarily.  One of the nice features of the HP WAPs and controller is that you can set them up to authenticate to the controller and then drop directly onto your LAN - getting all of their DHCP, DNS, etc directly from the LAN just as if they were wired.  All their traffic then passes on the LAN directly as well.  Great for internal clients, not so great for guest access.  But that is why you can configure the Guest VSC differently.
Don S.Commented:
Go to the network page and click on the DNS tab.  Set the DNS servers there.  The MSM DHCP server service uses DNS settings picked up from there.
mikeshaverAuthor Commented:
Checked there.  I've got the "override dynamically assigned DNS Servers" turned ON, but the DHCP leasing on clients still just shows the (msm710 IP) and not the 2 other DNS servers that I want...

Screens attached.
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Don S.Commented:
How are you configuring your VSCs?  If you are setting them up to be access controlled, then the wireless clients will, by definition, be set to use only the MSM for their DNS and gateway as access control means that all traffic must pass through the MSM to get where it needs to go..  If you don't want that for any of your VSCs then you should configure them differently.  You could set them up to be authenticated only and then let them bind to the appropriate VLAN based on their authentication - in that configuration the MSM only authenticates and then steps out of the way.
mikeshaverAuthor Commented:
The VCS's aren't "access controlled" (I don't think at least...).  I've setup two "networks" per se, one being private and the other public.  Essentially its just two different passwords to access the network as its just internet access being provided.  

We don't have any vlans.  Very simple network.

I get what you are saying about forcing all traffic thru the msm...but that would occur anyways as its a router and all clients are on the LAN side?
mikeshaverAuthor Commented:
VSC didn't have access control enabled.   Not really sure why I can't assign the DNS servers to DHCP clients that I wanted, but I ended up putting another router in there to handle that stuff and the controller is now just the wifi AP.

Thanks though.
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