Windows 2008 R2 Server no network connectivity


Server: HP DL380 G7
OS: Windows 2008 R2

There was a blue screen error and after restarting the server the network adaptors could not establish connection. The adaptors says that they are connected but no packets are sent are received. There is a red x mark on the network icon.

Troubleshooting done:

1. Called HP support and replaced mother board. After that no blue screen error.
2. Updated network card firmware and drivers
3. Tried last known good configuration
5. Installed SP1
6. Removed HyperV and DHCP roles from the server

HP technician clearly says that this is an OS issue.

Please let me know how to proceed.

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JosephmsitConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We called microsoft support. They tried all the above troubleshooting. Nothing worked. They asked us to perform an In-place Upgrade on Windows 2008 Server using the installation DVD as per the below support article.

It worked.
Have you got a spare NIC  you can install? I had a similar problem on a Dell server out of the box.  They came and replaced the mobo, still no joy.  I installed a PCIe NIC and I connected fine with it, Broadcom just like the onboard so the same driver.  Dell came out and replaced the mobo a second time and then the onboard NICs worked.  It may be an OS issue but using another NIC would probably confirm this.
rather than updating drivers, didn't you uninstall & reinstall card ?
i am also sure this is an os issue, but i have success by uninstalling & reinstalling, disabling & enabling.
you can use latest linux or ubuntu live CD to check this offline. definately it will detect network card.
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* Does it work in safe mode with networking?
* Did you install some updates after which this issue started to occur?
*  Are you providing a static IP
* What does ipconfig reveal
* Reset the Winsock
JosephmsitAuthor Commented:
Thanks Resgray. HP technician booted the server with another hard disc to test the connectivity. It worked fine. So the issue is not with the NIC.

Thanks Ubalakshitha. Yes. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling and disabling/enabling. To answer your other question, yes, HP tried with their boot hard disc and the connections worked fine.

Thanks de_750.
* No its not working with safe mode with networking.
* No
*Both static and DHCP are not working
*Ipconfig doesnt show anything
* Tried resetting winsock. No luck.
* Is there any relevant evet ids in the event viewer
* Is the LAN light On when the network cable is connected
* Does ping respond
JosephmsitAuthor Commented:
Thanks de_750.
* no relevant event id
* yes the lan light is on when the cable connected and the system says 'Ethernet cable unplugged' when the cable is disconnected.
* yes. loop back responds

To add to the description of the problem, when I try to set static ip address the default gateway is not getting saved.
Have you tried this:

Please backup the registry before proceeding

1. Open regedit.exe
2. Go to: HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/Tcpip/Parameters/Interfaces/
3. Here you'll need to select the CLSID of your networkadapter where you change the settings. You'll probably recognize it by looking at the value IPAddress that will have the IP of this adapter.
4. Open the value "DefaultGateway" by doubleclicking it. You will see a list of all the gateways that disappeared! (maybe in your case it will be only ones) Very likely, the first line will be empty. Manually remove this first empty line, click OK and reboot your system
de_750Connect With a Mentor Commented:
* Also, have you tried resetting the protocol stack
JosephmsitAuthor Commented:
Thanks de_750.

Tried this already. There is no DefaultGateway value at all. Tried to create it manually and restarted the server. No luck.
upalakshithaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
default gateway is not getting saved. is a virus i think
can you get a DHCP address?
try netsh winsock reset & netsh ip reset
JosephmsitAuthor Commented:
Thanks de_750

Already tried resetting tcp/ip protocol stack. No luck.
JosephmsitAuthor Commented:
Thanks Upalakshitha.

Scanned for virus already. Nothing found.
Cannot get DHCP address.
Tried netsh winsock reset and netsh ip reset. No luck.
It can be a virus.
what else do you see in msconfig in the services and start up tab other than microsoft when the machine is in safe mode with networking
What Is the state of the DHCP client service?
JosephmsitAuthor Commented:
Thanks de_750.

I dont see any service other than microsoft in services and startup tab in safe mode with networking.
DHCP client service is running.
Divya BhatiaConnect With a Mentor AccountantCommented:
This happened to me today I had to talk a user through doing this

open an admin command prompt

type in
netsh int ip reset C:\resetinfo.txt

or its

netsh ip int reset C:\resetinfo.txt

that will reset the windows TCP/IP stack for all windows NIC's
reboot afterwards enjoi

C:\resetinfo.txt is where the log will go

if that doesnt work

pop in the windows 2008R2 dvd, boot to disc and perform a repair.
JosephmsitAuthor Commented:
I am accepting my own comment as the solution because it worked.
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