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Citrix Recevier Compatibility.

Hi All,

I am currently testing Citrix receiver packages against our different Citrix farms and have come across some issues. I have found that there doesn't seem to be any backward compatibility for Citrix Receiver 3.2. Is this correct?
For example,
Farm A: WI 5.4, CSG 3.1.2, XenApp 5.0 Feature Pack 2--- Receiver 3.2 works OK
Farm B: WI 5.4, CSG 3.1.2, XenApp 5.0 no feature packs installed --- Receiver 3.2 does not work, although no errors are produced the Receiver just tries to connect then times out after about 30 seconds.
Also Citrix Receiver 3.1 works on Farm B, but not Farm A.
This is becomming more of a problem as more of our users are upgrading their Receiver clients to work with other environments and are then unable to connect to ours.
Can anyone advise or does anyone have a compatibility list?
Also what does the Receiver interact with that makes it compatible or not e.g is it the WI, CSG or just the version of XenApp / Presentation server?
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks,

1 Solution
All of the clients are *technically* compatitble with all of the versions (at least back to Winframe 1.5).  The ICA protocol is version 3.0 and has not changed in all that time.  There is all kinds of things that have been built around it, but it has not changed.

The various versions of the client and receiver support different levels of features though.. For example, if you configure the farm correctly, you can use the old DOS client to connect to even an XA 6.5 server.. you won't have the feature set, but it will work.  

Now.. the real question is *how* you initiate the connection and the other pieces that the receiver may or may not be compatible with.  The various versions of the client (Receiver) and the Web Interface may or may not be compatible.  If you manually create an ICA file (tons of ways to do this..), the Receiver will initiate a connection.  If the connection fails, then there is something wrong with the system or it's configuration.

You can definitely run into compability issues with older versions of WI, although 5.4 works perfectly.  (There are 3 versions of 5.4, but they all work).  You can also have issues with the CSG.. I would definitely upgrade that to the most current (3.3.3 or might be a 3.4.. been a while since I have checked).

Since you are seeing an attempt to connect, and a significant delay in the connection, you can have one of several issues:
1. Improper routing.. maybe their ICA file is sending them to a bad IP address, or an unresolvable name.
2. Slow app start - If the published app does not start in a sufficient amount of time, then the server will summarily close the connection.  There is a hotfix & registry key combo to increase that time.

I would also recommend upgrading to Receiver 3.3 or 3.4.. there are a substantial number of fixes in them.  

cv999Author Commented:
Thanks for the answer Coralon. This was indeed part of our issue. After disabling some of the additional features that the newer XenApp version gave us we were able to connect using older clients as you suggested.  We also had to add an additonal line to the default.ica on the Secure Gateway using article :  http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX121573.

Thanks again,


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