A question for the Windows Admins out there. I want to learn scripting. What is the best language to start with? Which language is the one you use most? What are the best resources to use to learn that language?

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Thomas WERNHERConfiguration ManagerCommented:

go for powershell.
great free resources, simple to begin and hyper powerfull as you can (when you'll begin to be a lil' guru) directly work with .net objects.

i begun through simple cli in Windows, but i rapidely moved to powershell through the freebook of
Now, i'm doing script with a few thousands of lines, and i begun lately to make my own graphical interfaces and report charts with .net object (for which you have extensible documentations on MSDN...)

So, definitely, as Microsoft would say, "it's the futur" !

Levi GwynCommented:
PowerShell is the best scripting tool to use with Windows in my opinion.  Visual Basic is more powerful but has a much steeper learning curve.  These are the two that I use the most.
Brad BouchardInformation Systems Security OfficerCommented:
Powershell is great, however visual basic ( is very powerful and practical for Windows Admins as it's part of the Microsoft family as well.
splitrockitAuthor Commented:
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