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Posted on 2013-01-10
Last Modified: 2013-02-09
Hi, Hotmail has always been fine (for me) at dealing with junk mail

but in the last month i am dgetting junk mail in my inbox, any ideas why?

I am set to exclusive
and only have 5 people in the contacts that can mail my inbox directly.

I have no safe senders,
by all intents only these 5 should be able to mail me.

i do have mail configured on my iphone  which shows no sender on all the mails that did get through 9yet in a browser tehy have senders.
Question by:mhamer
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Assisted Solution

xtermie earned 100 total points
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You probably have to adjust your Hotmail junk filter.
To set the level of filtering that you want the junk e-mail filter to use when your e-mail is delivered:
IF your are using MSN Explorer:
Click the Help & Settings menu, and then click Settings.
In the left pane, click E-mail.
Click Junk E-Mail Guard.
Click Junk e-mail filter.
Select the junk e-mail filter level that you want to use.
Click Save Changes.

From hotmail/Windows live mail:
Select Options | More options from the main Windows Live Hotmail navigation bar.
Follow the Filters and reporting link under Junk e-mail.
Choose Standard under Choose a junk e-mail filter.
Click Save.
The possible settings of the Windows Live Hotmail Junk Mail Filter are Low, Standard and Exclusive.

If you choose Exclusinve, you will need to add your 5 contacts to the safe list and then only mails from them will not be considered junk.
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I have two hotmail accounts. One I've had for 9 years, the other for 2 years. The one 9 years old, as time went by, the number of spam or junk messages went up.
I used the Hotmail spam filters, starting a few weeks ago, and now instead of 20 per day I get about 5.
I've noticed if you ignore them, after x number of weeks those senders do not send you any more. As if their systems are programmed to send you a message for x number of days or weeks.
I also noticed the more I tried to "unsubscribe" to the worse it got.
Unsubscribing did not work. Many of the links to unsubscribe went nowhere and were a dead end.
They spam filters work real well, though not as good as on Windows Mail.

Look into the message rules in Hotmail options.
Create some "rules" to match the ones you are receiving.

It is very easy for junkers to get your Hotmail address, by using computer systems to try every possible one. If your user name is "Jake345" @ hotmail, very easy for them to try Jake and every number between 1 and 999 and bingo they got yours.
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Assisted Solution

nickg5 earned 200 total points
ID: 38770927
My 2nd Hotmail account which is rather new, was only getting 3-4 junks per day.
Suddenly, last night, I got 23.
My experience is to leave them alone. After x number of days or weeks, they will stop.
Now, who on my contact list gave 23 sites my e-mail address?
None of them. But, some website gave it to that many. I was shocked to see that many in the newer account. I don't dare "unsubscribe" or it will get worse.
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Do you get fwd email messages, you know the ones where people have been too lazy to just select the message body and they've been fwd'd several times and have so many different peoples email addresses only one of who you know? If those get picked up by spammers, they got lots of live addresses to spam.
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Assisted Solution

dhsindy earned 100 total points
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I have a long standing account.  I use mostly the "Action" block the domain except the Hotmail domain.  And, each spam gets highlighted and the spam filter - they still get through but go to the spam folder in most cases.  The block sender and domain lists have a limit I believe and I delete and start over every so often.  I don't think getting it perfect is even possible - I have been trying for years.

Author Comment

ID: 38781889
Hi thanks, the junk mail is set to exclusive and only one contact set  (just for testing) this contacts is also the only safe sender.

here is the interesting bit

If i deleet the hotmail account on my iphone, the junk mail gose to junk
left it a couple of days, turned it back on, and i get junk mail again in my main inbox, in Iphone it says no sender, same mail in hotmail has a sender.
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Expert Comment

ID: 38782576
What setting are you using in Hotmail.
This article explains that you should use "standard."

Set the Windows Live Hotmail Junk Mail Filter to Standard
Why Choose Standard
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Expert Comment

ID: 38787705
I continue to ignore my sudden 23 per night.
It is down to 12 per overnight.
I expect these "pests" to go away after X number of days or weeks.
I think they are programmed to send junk to me for a period of time.
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ID: 38798536
Well, well, my first and long time hotmail account only had 6 new junkers today. Another example of if you leave them alone they will stop at some point. I don't trust all the "unsubscribe" links at the bottom. Too many lead to pages that won't load.

Accepted Solution

mhamer earned 0 total points
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hi thanks for response it did turn out to be apples fault!

genius bar visit as i wa sin ther eanyway, and didnt have to book.

there can be a glitch, when the phone synce with mail, something along the lines of hot mail thinsg its ok, as it was read on the iphone,

delet account from iphone,

recreat nothing since..

Author Closing Comment

ID: 38870849
the reason for choosing my own answer is its the correct one. in my situation,

althouth all the infor supplied by contributors is valid  they did not suggets anything i didnt know.

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