URL redirect with iis6

We have three outside dns domains, mycompany.com, mycompany.us and mycompany.net.

All three domains have a web server,  www.mycompany.???,  that is on the same server and and all point to the same address.

Access is only allowed through HTTPS. We want to buy a single certificate for www.mycompany.com and have access to it through all three domains. Since we have this same situation for 80 different web sites the cost of multi certs is out of the question.

How can I redirect www.mycompany.us and www.mycompany.net to www.mycompany.com so we can use a single certificate for each site.

We are running windows 2003R2 and IIS 6.
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mcsweenConnect With a Mentor Sr. Network AdministratorCommented:
You will want to use host headers in IIS to distinguish between different sites on the same port.


The redirect sites would be on port 80 and you would redirect to 443 (https).
mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
Create the site in IIS and use the following code in your default page to redirect to the real site.

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" content= "0;URL=https://yourcompanywebsite.com/index.htm">

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You can setup redirection inside IIS. Follow these instructions - http://www.serverintellect.com/support/iis6/iis-url-redirect.aspx
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jimmylew52Author Commented:
Am I understanding this correctly.

I have to build a site for www.mycompany.us and a site for www.mycompany.net and add that code to the default page for each?

If so how does this allow me to use the cert for www.mycompany.com and not have to have one for www.mycompany.us and www.mycompany.net?  I would think we would get an error without the cert for the sites.
jimmylew52Author Commented:
Right now we have a single default site that uses the 443 port on the server.
jimmylew52Author Commented:

I understand the process for redirecting the sites well enough but do not understand how the websites for www.mycompany.us and www.mycompamy.net can be setup on the same server using the same port.  Port 443 is the only open port to the server.
jimmylew52Author Commented:
I created the site www.mycompany.us and redirected to www.mycompany.com.

When I enter HTTPS://www.mycompany.us I get a certificate exception error.

Have I done something wrong?
mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
You would just go to www.mycompany.us or http://www.mycompany.us and it will redirect you to https://www.mycompany.com.

You do not need the redirect sites listening on port 443 (https), just put them on port 80 (http)
jimmylew52Author Commented:
Thank You, it is working now. The settings would not save unless I checked the checkbox to direct to the specific URL.
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