Set up Cisco Ip comunicator software

Hi guys , I want to set up a softphone.  
Recently we've installed Cisco Unity Express 8.6.4 . We have 2 Isdn interface  6 digital line , and 10 7942 ip phone.
Now We need to know when the lines are busy, and who is talking to whom internally. I know
with this phone i can configure only 1 line because has only 2 button on the right panel...But I want to configure IP COMMUNICATOR software that can do it.
Someone can help me to configure and register the softphone.
I didn't find any guide about this configuration.
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José MéndezCommented:
It sounds that you are running Callmanager in your router, not Callmanager on a server.

Then, registering an IP Communicator should be something like this:

#conf t
(config)#ephone 20 (you put the ephone # you need/want)
(config-ephone)#mac-address 1444.5555.FFCC (change to the MAC the IP Communicator is using)
(config-ephone)#type CIPC
(config-ephone)#button  1:3  (here you put the button number and then the ephone-dn number to be paired with such button)

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On the CIPC side, make sure to configure the TFTP server to point to the CME, or duplicate the setting from your 7942 phones.

The only other thing I would add to www's comment is that for the monitoring part, the button configuration would be something like this:

(config-ephone)#button  1:3 2m10 3m11 4m12

with 10, 11, and 12 being the lines you want monitored.
the "m" separator allows the line to be monitored, but not used to make calls. You could also use the "s" separator in case you wanted the monitor to be able to pick up the monitored line, but want the line to ring silently. Anyways... several options here, look at the doc below.
supportolsAuthor Commented:
Thanx for the answsers . Yes we have a router Cisco CISCO2901 .  I configured the router , but on the Ip communicator software i see this log messages : XMLDeafault.cnf.xml
File Not found :
No Trust List Installed .

I suppose  , I need to create an xml configuration file named XMLDeafault.cnf.xml and put it on the flash.
On the internet I was looking for a default configuration and i found this one
       <member priority="0">  
<loadInformation8 model="IP Phone 7940">P0S3-8-12-00</loadInformation8>  
<loadInformation7 model="IP Phone 7960">P0S3-8-12-00</loadInformation7>
<loadInformation435 model="Cisco 7945">SIP45.8-4-2S</loadInformation435>
<loadInformation436 model=¿Cisco 7965¿>SIP45.8-4-2S</loadInformation436>
<loadInformation30006 model="IP Phone 7970">SIP70.8-0-3S</loadInformation30006>

IS correct?

thanx a lot
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José MéndezCommented:
Not correct, the telephony-service engine is in charge of generating the SEP4061869023DB.cnf.xml.

Do the following:

#conf t
(config)#ephone <your ephone number>
supportolsAuthor Commented:
I did it. But on the softphone I still get the same log error in the status menu.
Try this.

Also, try deleting the CTL file. Settings -> Security -> CTL File -> ** # (to unlock) -> Erase.
I did the following steps:

Downloaded the CME-locale-en_US-English- from the following link:

Copy into Flash:/its

CUCME(config-telephony)#user-locale 0 US load CME-locale-en_US-English-
Updating CNF files

LOCALE INSTALLER MESSAGE:Loading Locale Package...
LOCALE INSTALLER MESSAGE: Filename: 7921-dictionary.xml
LOCALE INSTALLER MESSAGE: Filename: 7921-font.dat
LOCALE INSTALLER MESSAGE: Filename: 7921-kate.utf-8.xml
LOCALE INSTALLER MESSAGE: Filename: 7921-kate.xml
LOCALE INSTALLER MESSAGE: Filename: be-sccp.jar
LOCALE INSTALLER MESSAGE: Filename: g3-tones.xml
LOCALE INSTALLER MESSAGE: Filename: gp-sccp.jar
LOCALE INSTALLER MESSAGE: Filename: ipc-sccp.jar
LOCALE INSTALLER MESSAGE: Filename: mk-sccp.jar
LOCALE INSTALLER MESSAGE: Filename: tc-sccp.jar
LOCALE INSTALLER MESSAGE: Filename: td-sccp.jar
CNF files updating complete

CUCME(config-telephony)#create cn
CUCME(config-telephony)#create cnf-files
Creating CNF files
There is one more folder in CIPC Folder
I copy on the root of Flash:

 My CIPC is up and running
supportolsAuthor Commented:
I did all. But I still get the same error....Now we have English configuration on all phones , but is not a problem...?
We don't have any gui than that of Cisco Unity Express.
I have a question about the gui , if I switch to CUCME on the panel I get an advice .

Cisco Unity Express switch to CUCME
what should I expect ?
supportolsAuthor Commented:
debug .
Jan 15 14:10:00.584: TFTP: Finished flash:/its/vrf1/XMLDefault.cnf.xml, time 00:00:00 for process                  91
Jan 15 14:10:00.612: New Skinny socket accepted [1] from 0, sub 1 (11 active)
Jan 15 14:10:00.612: sin_family 2, sin_port 58904, in_addr
Jan 15 14:10:00.612: skinny_add_socket 1 58904
Jan 15 14:10:00.632: StationRegisterReject sent on socket 8 text No configuration entry for phone
Jan 15 14:10:00.632: StationRegisterReject sent on socket 8 text No configuration entry for phone
Jan 15 14:10:08.076: ephone-6[5/3]:MediaPathEventMessage
Jan 15 14:10:23.072: ephone-6[5/3]:MediaPathEventMessage

I set up the mac-address of my pc's nic for the phone is it correct ? but it seems there is no configuration for the phone... someone can help me ?

this is my cfg on router 2901

ephone-dn  12  dual-line
 number 532
 label Ip Communicator
 description Ip Communicator
 name Ip communicator
 call-forward noan 601 timeout 15
 huntstop channel
 no forward local-calls

ephone  12
 mac-address 4061.8690.23BD
 max-calls-per-button 2
 type CIPC
 button  1:12
supportolsAuthor Commented:
The mac address was wrong...
not mac-address 4061.8690.23BD

but mac-address 4061.8690.23DB.....really stupid MISTAKE!!!!!!
supportolsAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for supportols's comment #a38787421

for the following reason:

Points should be awarded to willlywilburwonka...

Q: Someone can help me to configure and register the softphone...

A: willlywilburwonka

Then, registering an IP Communicator should be something like this:

#conf t
(config)#ephone 20 (you put the ephone # you need/want)
(config-ephone)#mac-address 1444.5555.FFCC (change to the MAC the IP Communicator is using)
(config-ephone)#type CIPC
(config-ephone)#button  1:3  (here you put the button number and then the ephone-dn number to be paired with such button)
José MéndezCommented:
Thanks agonza07 for your clarification, if the solution was as in http:#38787421, then my comment http:#38767229 would apply as the solution. Would like to ask the author to accept as solution.

I just wanted to be fair to willlywilburwonka since his post http:#38767229 was the correct solution. Post http:#38787421 was simply a typo on supportols' behalf after the solution was given.

Sorry guys, dont mean to be such a pain... just wanted to be fair is all.
supportolsAuthor Commented:
Thanx've really helped me.

The ip communicator also did not register beacuse of wrong Mac address.
José MéndezCommented:
Welcome, glad to work as team.
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