KMS doesn't work anymore

KMS server en clienst were setup in June 2012. It went ok for months en de clients (Windows Server 2008 r2 SP1) had a license status "Licesend".
Now the license status is "Out of tolerance grace" trying to activate I get the message: "The software licensing service reported that the computer could not be activated
the count reported by your Key Management Service is insufficient
Please contact your system administrator"

How can I get the Servers to activate so I get a license status "Licensed"?
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pkfwallastConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I saw that my Citirx VM's had the same Client Machine ID (CMID) and I could not rearm them again.
A new installation was not an option.

What I did was I activated 5 of our regular Windows 2008 R2 Servers with KMS with the command slmgr /ipk <setup key> now the Citrix VM's are activated again.
There error indicates that you do not have sufficient licenses. Can you confirm that you have enough license for your devices?

Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
As said above, indication is that your licenses have been depleted. Check the following for troubleshooting your case:

Also you can contact Microsoft to ensure that you have enough licenses as initially planned and that there are no issues in the interim.
pkfwallastAuthor Commented:
Hello thanks for your answers.
To Sebastian:  We have 7 Citrix VM's which activated ok until about a week ago.
To Mutawadi: I thought that a KMS could activate internal Servers unlimited without depletion. I wil look into the link you attached.
pkfwallastAuthor Commented:
With 5 Servers the KMS Server can now activate also the inactive Citrix Servers
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