Cisco RV180W VPN configuratin

I have a new client that has a cisco RV180W firewall router and I am trying to set up a client VPN.  I am not famailiar with this device and am so far unable to establish a connection.  I have read Cisco's user manual VPN section repeatedly but I still can't get it configured.  I have gone through the basic and advanced setups with as many differnet confurations as I could come up with.  I have also read one blog that stated that the basic & advanced VPN tabs are for site to site VPNs only.  I have added users with both quickvpn and xauth protocols. I enabled remote access on all interfaces using port 443.
I downloaded Cisco's quick VPN client version from their website and when I connect, I first get a message that the server's certificate doesn't exist on this computer which I am able to get past. I then see the software state "provisioning" followed by "activating policy" then "connecting", but the end result is "failed to establish a connection".
any and all help is greatly appreciated!!
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