Issues with Dell XPS 8500 and Epson Projector

Having some issues with a new Dell XPS 8500 Win7 Pro 640bit desktop. The desktop has a DVI/HDMI video card as well as VGA on board.

What I am trying to do is use a Samsung TV as our monitor in a board room. That works perfectly with HDMI. Next, I have a Epson projector that we would like to use for certain presentations that use Excel / Word documents as the text is to small on the tv for the whole room to see.

I am plugging the Epson projector in to the XPS 8500 via VGA Cable. When I do that, I have the Samsung setup as main display in the display properties but it is being identified as #2 display. Epson PJ is #1 and then it is picking up a #3 display as being display device on VGA.

I am unable to just duplicate my main display onto the epson display. I can extend the desktop to the Epson just fine but that is not what we want to do. We need to have it just duplicate the desktop to both display devices.

Any ideas? And why is it listing three display devices when I only have two? How the heck do I get the Samsung tv back to display #1 even with the projector plugged into the desktop via VGA? It's like the projector is trying to take over.

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cbmmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What type of graphics card is this machine using? If this is using a Raedon Graphics Card, you will need to open catalyst control center and go into desktop management. The problem with  duplicating the monitor is you have two different monitors which im sure are going to use different resolutions. You might also want to upgrade the driver/software to the newest version. AMD driver update
ZephyrMAuthor Commented:
I went into the Catalyst Control Center. It picked  up the Epson projector as a second display correctly but I did not see anything about options to duplicate or extend display. By default it is extending the desktop.

I am using the most updated software. I will check on an actual driver update next. If that doesn't work, any other ideas? I may just have to use the tv to get documents pulled up / started and then move onto the 2nd display to project the document.

..just noticed you are using windows 7, this should be easier for you. Right click the desktop, go to screen resolution, under multiple displays change from extend these displays to duplicate these displays
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ZephyrMAuthor Commented:
That was tried at first. I was looking around some more in the Catalyst software and found the duplicate option. However, it has to be on the same video card so I have to get a dvi/vga adapter and hope it will still work.
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ZephyrMAuthor Commented:
Once I got a DVI/VGA adapter and plugged everything into the same video card everything worked perfectly once it was setup in the catalyst control software.

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