Server Room Migration

Dear Experts,

We are planning to move our offices in 2 months. This is my first server room migration since I started working as an IT administrator.

do you have any form of templates, migration plans, checklists etc, which will help us to carry out this migration smoothly.

I really appreciate your help.

Thank you.
Sajith SilvaAsked:
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We just went through this process three months ago.

1.  Make sure all your external services are informed and the process started for the move date.  ie, ISPs, phone services, printers, etc.  Some of these providers need a lot of lead time for moves as they might have to pull permits and authorizations from the new building management company.

2.  Setup a calendar or project listing everything you need to do and estimates on when it might get done.  We were moving into a new building with new server racks, switches, phone system and desk so we had a bit of luxury of getting a lot of things pre-setup and only having to move servers and PCs.

Our checklist went something like this:

Ensure that new server room has the appropriate power for the UPSs
Ensure that all connections in new server room are tested and ready
Ensure a/c is operating properly
Calculate amount of new patch cables required for new patch panel and desks (we were going from a CAT5e to CAT6 network)
Setup new server rack
Setup shelves, etc in server room
Setup and install network switch/access points
Make a checklist of exactly where each server's network connection will go into on the switch
Internet install by ISP
Phone lines install by phone company (we had to ensure we had one dedicated analog line for our fire alarm system)
Install VOIP PBX and phone sets at desks
Test phone, fax lines and internet in new building
Communicate to users how to pack up their computers
Ensure all new desks have surge protectors and network cables ready to go

Printer company comes into prep copiers for move
Move company moves furniture, computers and printers
IT staff moves servers, UPSs, firewall and routers into new building and connects them up
ISP and phone company cuts over services to new building
Printer company comes in and unpacks printers and connects them back to network
Test all computers after they have been connected back to network

Rip out all old equipment not needed from old office
Cancel any unneeded services from old office (ISP, phone, alarm systems, etc)

Hope that helps, it's a lot of things to think about but the most important thing is to write down everything that you think about or pops into your head and try and slot it into a schedule.
do you already have a data center map/port map and rack map as you can use these as all you current rack maps if up to date can be your tick list in regard of migration you need to work out a plan for shutting down services and maybe getting them up in the new data center
do you also have a disaster recovery plan in place as that also needs to be updated or flick over to the dr and then you can take the other data center down as the dr will replace the services
Syed_M_UsmanSystem AdministratorCommented:

apart from above i would like to share my personal experience;

Data Center Readiness check
      Data Center is Ready
      Cooling System are functional and tested
      Electricity points in Data Center testede.
      Generator/UPS installed and tested
      Fire safety equipment tested in data center
      Firefighting equipment tested
      All certificates taken from relevant ministries (if applicable)

once above done we go to second Readiness;

Data Center Communication Readiness check;
                ISP Backbone Cables (Internet/Fax/ISDN/......)
                Network Cables (Fiber/Cooper)

once above done we go to Pre Shifting Readiness;

Network Diagram
Total number of switches and routers count
All Servers/Port should be marked
Authorize Service partners are informed
ALL Server room equipment insured

last but not the least Managemnt and Client (depending on the nature of business) informed for the downtime.
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