How do I prevent the Ajax Control Toolkit HtmlEditorExtender from removing BR Tags?

Hi Experts! I just updated my website with the latest version of the Ajax Control Toolkit for .Net, and I'm having trouble with the HtmlEditorExtender removing <BR> line break tags.

I followed the guidance found at, but it doesn't solve the problem.

Without setting EnableSanitization to false, is there a way to have it not remove these tags?
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DrevoConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I'm considering CKEditor (as well as TinyMCE),

However, to answer my own question, I've found that I can replace the "<br>" (encoded as "&lt;br&gt;") in the text of the target for the HtmlEditorExtender at the Page_Load event with a placeholder, and then later in the page life cycle replace the placeholder with the original "<br>" text. Them seems like a ridiculous solution though, so I'll leave this question open a little longer in case someone has a better way to handle this.
Roopesh ReddyConnect With a Mentor IT AnalystCommented:

Seems like some limitations with that! Why don't you try CKEditor, which is a great option, moreover it's an alternative and very powerful!

Again, it's a suggestion!!!

Hope it helps u...
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DrevoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments! I'm still looking to find a way to make the Ajax Control Toolkit HtmlEditorExtender work though... Anyone know how?

techChallenger: The link you posted just ends with suggesting posting a bug report, and the other link is the one I included in my question.

roopeshreddy: I'll give CKEditor a look.

Roopesh ReddyIT AnalystCommented:

I still feel that the HtmlEditorExtender has a defect! So, i suggest you, have a look at CKeditor!

It might help u!
Manoj PatilConnect With a Mentor Sr. Software EngineerCommented:
While using ckeditor, remember one thing.
You need to nullify the default css style for HTML tags like <b> , <p>
If not, then it fails to show you the designed layout.
Means if you are doing a font bold or any font-family from editor and the place where you are using this, which have the parent div with an css then it may happen that the it doesn't show you the actual layout for font.
Manoj PatilSr. Software EngineerCommented:
While placing text to Editor,
Have you tried, In Page_Load()
String OutputText = Server.HtmlDecode(InputText);
Roopesh ReddyIT AnalystCommented:

I observed, When you press Enter key in the HtmlEditor, it is inserting a <DIV> instead of <br /> tag!

Did you checked that?
DrevoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments!

techChallanger1: That method doesn't fix the issue.

roopeshreddy: It actually inserts a "<br>" tag within the <div> tags.

If someone else in the future see's this question, see my Page_Load placeholder workaround. It seems the HtmlEditorExtender validation just doesn't work well without modification or a less than elegant fix.
DrevoAuthor Commented:
I'm awarding points based on the alternate suggestions provided. However, no one provided a working answer to my question. My answer, the one I marked as the best solution, is the only one that answered the question I posted.
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