Citrix PVS

I was wondering , before i start anything shall i first consider installing XD Or do i have to first setup PVS environment.

While i was thinking of PVS , i had some more doubts in mind:

As PVS needs PXE / TFTP :


1.Can i use same PVS server to serve XenApp And XenDestop ? or do i  have to have 2 different farms ?

Why i am asking is ? The XenApp being servers are in a separate vLan , then the desktops we have.

2.We have an already existing PXE server in the environment , which serves Microsoft WDS / SCCM
This has already been configured in DHCP

How will i be able to put another PXE ? do you have any advice .

3.If we share the OS vdisk for all the desktops and use folder redirection , Citrix Profiles and GPO's
Does that mean all user related data is safe.

Or do we have to keep some kind of persistence disk for user data.
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AdamBNYCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First question I have would be, do you need PvS? How many desktops are you looking for? If its a small number, then maybe you should use machine creation services (MCS) instead. MCS is more storage intensive but does not require an additional server like the PvS environment would. MCS is built into the DDC.

If you do need or want PvS, you will need two servers for PvS at minimum for redundancy. If the pxe/network boot is an issue, you can use boot disk manager ( bdm) to create a bootable iso file that you would assign to the cd-rom of every Virtual machine and tell the machine to always boot from cd-rom in the virtual bios.

Bdm is a free utility that is included in the PvS install. It's located in the installed directory called bdm.exe

Best practice is to use profile redirection with pooled desktop mode. The persistence disk your talking about is called personal vdisk, and it's not fully baked yet.

You can use Citrix user profile manager - upm which is included in the licensing. If you need to do something advanced with profiles and redirection, look toward appsense as a third party vendor.

You can use the same set of PvS servers to serve virtual desktops and Xenapp servers.
CoralonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1.  Absolutely.. all you have is disk images, you can server either or both from the same PVS server.

2. You can do this easily.. out of the box the Citrix PXE service responds to all machines.. however, you can use the Bootp tab editor and have it respond to only specific MAC addresses.

3. This depends.. if an app keeps it's data in %localappdata%, then you would need something like UPM to keep it safe, but for the most part, it will do what you need.  

basrajConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Single farm in PVS is enough. PVS is anyhow going to save more on storage and easy updation to the vdisk. Yes, you can use BDM, create an ISO file which consumes very less space in KBs.

2. Same as above, you can also boot from BDM

3. Yes, Citrix profile manager/roaming profiles will help
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