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UNC Shares Failing on Win2003 Server

Windows 2003 Member Server on Dell PowerEdge R410 with Dell SAS 6/iR Integrated Controller with 2ea Hard Drives RAID-1:
UNC shares are only good for about 15 Minutes after reboot then fail on only this one 2003 critical Member Server in the Domain. Only network shares are affected on this Server.
UNC Resolution Fails by Name and IP at same time to user and admin shares and cause major disruption waiting for file transfers and/or share access. Eventually, it errors out with can't access path.
The only thing I see out of sorts is that the WINS Server IP in the Static IP NIC setting do not resolve by name or respond to ping.
Our vendor application on this server is running a critical application and has been crippled by the failure of the UNC shares. The customer IT support resources have not been able to diagnose the problem after three LONG days of troubleshooting.
Dell OpenManage and DSET (Dell System Extraction Tool) appear to show everything is clean except for an Error 22 on Broadcom NIC which I'm trying to research further, but I surmise it is because the 2nd NIC is disabled.
We've Flushed DNS and verified the domain name resolves to a good DC / IP.
It seems like a hardware issue, but Dell diagnostics look OK.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Brian Esser
Brian Esser
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1 Solution
Please open an Administrative Command Prompt...

Run each of the following;

Resets network interface information
netsh int reset all
Resets TCP/IP and related components to a clean state
netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
Resets IPv6 configuration state
netsh int ipv6 reset

Resets WinSock connection
netsh winsock reset
Displays the web page user interface
netsh diag gui

Run the diag by choosing all options except Verbose.


Let me know how it goes.

BTW, and you have ran an antivirus scan on this machine, right?
Brian EsserZone Technology ExpertAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply Nicolus.

I will be traveling to the site first thing in the morning and will work with IT to perform the commands you have outlined.

Antivirus is Sophos and it is managed by IT - I will confirm it is up to date and active and request a manual scan.

Will update as soon as I have results tomorrow morning...
Great.  Looking forward to it.. Maybe also you can elaborate more on what you mean UNC's
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Brian EsserZone Technology ExpertAuthor Commented:
Performed the netsh command series, GUI Returned 3ea "Passed" for Network Adapters, Default Gateways, and rebootedNETSH GUI Passed X 3.
Reconfigured the NIC since it was empty of all settings.
Manual antivirus scan = Clean on target "IDS" Main Application Server
Application Launches and runs without error with full access to the UNC Path for the Objectivity Database files.
As soon as you launch an RDP session to the "CAS" Terminal Server which hosts a Thick Client Install to the Application on "IDS" and the Remote Application launches an instance of the Application via RDP the UNC Share on the IDS Server "fails" and after a timeout returns a message stating that the file can't be located. From this point onward (until a reboot of "IDS") the UNC or IP Path or Administrative Share can't be accessed on "IDS".
IPsec is undefined and not implemented via domain GPO.
Real Time Antivirus Protection is disabled.
PROCMON indicates that the share path has DISCONNECTED
We are about to cut bait and install a new server and restore from backup, but if you can suggest any further troubleshooting steps it would be appreciated.
Brian EsserZone Technology ExpertAuthor Commented:
We've decided to wait until tomorrow to swap out the Server. Today we found that the UNC failure only happens when the Terminal Server Clients connect via "CAS".
If we launch two Remote Administrator RDP sessions directly with the Server the UNC Hidden share and application work without issues. May be something with Application Terminal Server "CAS".
Brian EsserZone Technology ExpertAuthor Commented:
New Server Bare Metal Load fixed issues. Cause of failures unknown.
Brian EsserZone Technology ExpertAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for BrianEsser's comment #a38781438
Assisted answer: 250 points for Nicolus's comment #a38773392

for the following reason:

Would have been nice to know what caused the UNC paths to ultimately fail, but the Server replacement ultimately fixed the problem.<br /><br />Thanks to Nicolus for the support offered - learned a few new netsh tricks that will help in the future.

Glad I could be of help. This is exactly what this community is about.

If you don't mind, could you mark my comment as the SOLUTION so that I can get full value for this question?

Thank you
Brian EsserZone Technology ExpertAuthor Commented:
Quick Response, great troubleshooting recommendations for Network related issues.
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