OWA works externally but not internally

Server :- Windows SBS 2008
Exchange :- Exchange 2007
External url for email :- remote.helpme.com      ( for eg )
Internal FQDN server.expert.local           ( for eg )
IP range of domain :- 192.168.16.X
Server has 3 ip's.,,

OWA works externally but internally when you try to use it, its trying to use a customized website we have in IIS and not sbs web applications.

also when users are opening outlook they are getting SSL mismatch errors as its trying to use the SSL for the customized website and not the SSL bound to exchange.

Given the above Im guessing the bindings are stuffed but on the face of it. It looks good.

I have customized website bound for HTTP and SSL to .26 and sbs web applications bound to .25
When i ping url of remote.helpme.com it return .26 but if i try to web browse there it opens the customized website.

What predated the above was

1 - Resetting of IIs virtual directories for exchange ( to try to address an iphone sync issue which still exists )

2 - changing external and internal uri's to match remote.helpme.com

Anyhelp is very much appeciated.
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MarshesConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Seems we have gotten past this issue onto another one.

The customized website was using the SSL for remote.company.com for some reason. Changed this, reset iis and we got past that one.

Please delete this thread.
Cris HannaCommented:
Just as an FYI...your configuration (having your domain controller multi-homed) is not supported by Microsoft
internally, it is better to use https://servername/owa

MarshesAuthor Commented:
Fixed it.
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