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I have created a website for a client and they are having problems looking at this using Google Chrome on an Android smartphone.

I have no way to replicate this problem as I do not own an Android device.

Is there an emulator / simulator that I can use on a Windows PC to simulate running Google Chrome on Android so that I can see where the problem lies.

The website looks fine in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome on PC and on all Apple devices.
Sean ClarkeOwner / ManagerAsked:
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Yes, just download the  Android SDK :

You've multiple device ready to use or you can customize one or create your own device.
Just to add that Chrome is notoriously buggy on Android (ironically).  What's the website ?
Sean ClarkeOwner / ManagerAuthor Commented:
The website in question is

If anyone can let me know what it actually looks like using Chrome on an Android device - that would help (with version numbers etc...)

I've tried using the emulator and it looks fine, other that the site is far too wide to fit on the device screen and I can;t figure out how to zoom the device screen.
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look fine on a nexus one (default browser) and nexus 7 (chrome)
able to resize without any problem
For me, Chrome/HTC One, it could benefit from a left and right margin (as the site goes right to the edge of the screen making, for example, the phone number hard to read)

Also the main text 'Have you ever...' appears to be too large for its box.  I can read only as far as 'Why not contact us' - the rest of it is obscured.
(It's the same on  leakim971's screenshot)
3 screenshots attached: the Home Page of the Mobile Version of the web site, the no zoom version of the non-mobile website, and the zoom-in version of the non mobile website.

Droid Incredible 2 (smartphone). Default Browser. Android 2.3.4
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