Play an Audio File with MS Access

I need to play an audio file in a loop when an MS Access app loads. How can I do this?
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Application.FollowHyperlink "yourpath\yourfile.ext"

Will open the file.

Place that code in the open event of whatever form opens when the database starts up.
EMCITAuthor Commented:
Thank you. It opens the file fine but i need it to run in a loop.
How are you defining when to stop?

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You can also put the application.followhyperlink statement into your forms timer event and set the timer interval property to define how fast it runs.

For example 5000 for every five seconds.
EMCITAuthor Commented:
I tried it in the timer interval and it works but it also launches Media Player each time and it takes the focus from the form. If it runs on a loop On Load the window can be minimized to get it out of the way. Or is there a method to play the wav file without launching the player?
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
Not sure what type of file your planning to play, but this is the old way of doing it:

 which you can set to loop when you make the call.


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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
You can also use code like the sample below to play MDI or MP3 files.


Private Declare Function mciSendString Lib "winmm.dll" Alias _
   "mciSendStringA" (ByVal lpstrCommand As String, ByVal _
   lpstrReturnString As Any, ByVal uReturnLength As Long, ByVal _
   hwndCallback As Long) As Long

Dim sMusicFile As String

Dim Play

Private Sub cmdPlayMusic_Click()

    sMusicFile = Me.txtFileName.Text    'path has been included. Ex. "C:\3rdMan.mp3"

    Play = mciSendString("play " & sMusicFile, 0&, 0, 0)

    If Play <> 0 Then MsgBox "Can't PLAY!"

    Me.cmdPlayMusic.Enabled = False
    Me.cmdStopMusic.Enabled = True

End Sub

Private Sub cmdStopMusic_Click()
    Play = mciSendString("close " & sMusicFile, 0&, 0, 0)

    cmdPlayMusic.Enabled = True
    cmdStopMusic.Enabled = False
End Sub
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
BTW, here's a better link which has the possible flags that you can pass:


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